The recently retrofitted Kuat Drive Yards CloakShape Fighter which will serve Black Omega Squadron aboard the modified Torpedo Sphere, Empress Teta...Pictured here engaging in pilot combat training witha droid-controlled drone Xwing fighter captured from the New Republic... (Photo: Created by, 1997)

Authored/Edited by Grand Admiral Ronin Fleet Commander/Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet FC/GA Ronin/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign (


The following presents articles and items
of interest related to the Emperor's Hammer
from all over the Empire, as published on the
Imperial HoloNet and/or forwarded to the
Fleet Commander.


The Tactical Officer herein posts any special
updates and eventsrelated to the Tactical
operations of the Emperor's Hammer Strike
Fleet. New Battle Plotlines and missions are
also posted herein. This section also provides
directions on copying and playing the new EH missions.

Grand Admiral Ronin has gathered articles and
submissions regarding development of the Emperor's
Hammer. These include Fleet events, overall EH
Plotlines, personal anecdotes, etc. The Fleet
Commander wishes to emphasize that all development
proposals for the Emperor's Hammer MUST be approved by
the Fleet Commander prior to release to the rest of the

The Emperor's Hammer Training Officer herein presents
the latest events for new and aspiring Members of the
Fleet...In addition, details regarding the latest Aggressor
Wing developments, Xwing vs. TIE news and EH Contests are

The latest events of the Emperor's Hammer on the Internet
and World Wide Web (WWW)... Herein, the Recon Officer
presents his reports on the frontiers of the Galactic Empire
from the bridge of the M/CRV Phantom...


The Logistics Officer herein presents important Fleet
Communiqu�s and other information presented since the
posting of the last EH Newsletter...


The Operations Officer (,
in recognition of the many efforts and contributions of
the Emperor's Hammer Members, herein presents the official
Emperor's Hammer Medal Board...


The Security Officer herein posts the latest Fleetwide
security, Bylaws and Code of Conduct issues...


The Battle Board posts a chronological listing of all new Battles/Missions approved for use with the Emperor's Hammer. This also includes individual mission status, mission designers and high scoring pilots. In addition, a summary of all completed EH Battles as of the previous NL are posted herein...The Battle Board is being maintained by the Fleet Commander's Attach� (


The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School of the Emperor�s Hammer... It�s graduates comprise the finest Starfighter Pilots the Fleet has to offer...


The Office of the Fleet Commander periodically releases fiction submitted by Command Officers and Flag Officers of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Office of the Fleet Commander herein posts fiction submitted by the Squadron Commanders, Flight Leaders and Flight Members of the Emperor's Hammer.

The Executive Officer ( provides the following subsections of the Newsletter for exclusive use of the approved subgroups of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...

XvT Update. "It is out at but I can't vouch for the copy at scorched's. Everyone is to update. If They (those at lucasarts) think its needed and is an improvement, then we should do it. Also, since version 1.0 will no longer be in production, that means that some people will be purchasing the 1.1 version to start with. Since we want to be able to interact with them in combat, we need to upgrade. Everyone needs to complete the upgrade before you go into the next training."

Courtesy of AW-TAC/BG Iver/mFRG Phoenix

Straight from the page: Courtesy of

"Notes: One of the most important things to know about this version of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is that for multiplayer play this upgraded version is NOT compatible with version 1.00. All players must be running the same version of the game. The game will not allow players to join a multiplayer game if they are running a different version than the host. If you experience problems joining a game, this may be your problem.

While for multiplayer play the game versions are incompatible, the pilot files are fully compatible. Therefore, you may continue to use your pilots from the original version.

You can verify that the upgrade is properly installed by starting the game and looking for the version text in the lower right hand corner of the data pad. It should say "v.1.1".

*Patch also available at:*

Patch also available on Hammer Squadron's Homepage.

Courtesy of GN Drizzt

Dark Brotherhood

The Fleet Commander presents the
attached Section of the Newsletter
for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Corporate Division

The following Section of the Newsletter
is to be accessed by the Emperor's Hammer
Corporate Division.

Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion

The following Section of the Newsletter is for
the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion.

Intelligence Division

The Intelligence Division, will serve to organize
our eyes and ears across the chaos that is now
the Empire...

Bounty Hunters Guild

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to
the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

EH Directorate

The EH Directorate maintains and goevrns the various
star systems in the EH Territories...and scours the
known Galaxy for new Star Systems...

Infiltrator Wing

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the
Infiltrator Wing of the EH...A Wing of former Rebel
Pilots that have returned to the Empire...

Smugglers� Guild

The Fleet Commander herein presents a Section
of the Newsletter for the Smugglers' Guild of
the Emperor�s Hammer Strike Fleet...


The Fleet Commander herein posts the current Fleet Order of Battle for the Emperor's Hammer, as approved by the Fleet Commander and the Command Staff...


The Office of the Fleet Commander herein posts a listing and brief description of all files attached to this Newsletter...


Members may refer to the latest versions of the following Emperor's Hammer (EH) Pilot manuals for additional general information


Herein, the Fleet Commander posts a list of disclaimers and copyrights, presumed to be in effect at the time of posting/release of this document.