Directorate Operations Manual
The Emperor's Hammer Directorate Operations Manual

Welcome to the Directorate Operations Manual! This manual contains all information related to the Directorate, a Subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The manual is divided into chapters described below. The menu to the left can be used to navigate the various chapters.

Chapter One: Joining the Directorate - Details of how complete training in the Directorate and become a full member of the subgroup.

Chapter Two: Ranks - Explanation of the rank system employed by the Directorate.

Chapter Three: Positions - A full list of the positions of the Directorate, and the duties and requirements of each position.

Chapter Four: Medals - A description of all Directorate medals.

Chapter Five: Structure - An explanation of the Territories.

Chapter Six: Communication - Information on the various communications systems utilized by the Directorate.

Chapter Seven: Identification - Description of ID lines and examples of proper Directorate ID lines.

Chapter Eight: Games and Activities - A list and descriptions of the various games and activities supported by the Directorate.

To access any area, simply click on the appropriate link on the left. Any comments or suggestions for the Directorate Operations Manual should be sent to the GMF.

The Directorate Operations Manual was written by Admiral BubbaX based on past Directorate documents written by Fleet Admiral Keldorn and Admiral Karva Dronaal, among others. Updates made by Vice Admirals Owen Khan and Farrin Xies and Admiral Czulvang Lah.



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