TO: Alpha Squadron Pilots
FROM: Wing Commander/Alpha Commander General Ronin

I would like to welcome you select few pilots to the Alpha Squadron of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing. With your position comes a greater responsibility than any other in the Wing. You are charged with the protection of the Wing Commander and all critically related command/communication duties. Your typical operations may not be as glamorous as those flown by other Members but they will be the most vital. Also, please note that, unlike other Imperial Naval Units, Squadron Commanders within the Hammer are expected to personally participate in all missions. Consequently, communications between them in combat makes your job even more difficult.

Typical missions will include Command Protection/Escort, Capital Ship Defense, Comm probe Setup & Interdiction, Platform Defense and limited Special Operations. Members of Alpha Squadron are expected to protect their assigned charge until death, if necessary. In addition, the pilots of Alpha Squadron are among the best in the Wing. You're additional specialized training in Martial Arts, Small Arms, Survival, Small/Large Unit Tactics, Ambush Tactics, Capital Defense and Communications Technologies makes our unit a highly trained and effective fighting force. If necessary, the Alpha Squadron, with specially modified fighters, can handle the communications load normally performed by frigates and cruisers during battle operations. In addition, with a variety of craft at its disposal, the Alpha Squadron can operate independently from the rest of the Wing for extended duration missions.

Promotions within the Alpha Squadron will be performed in strict accordance with the procedures outlined in Newsletter No. 5.

Any questions should be directed to W Call.

General Ronin



I would like to congratulate all of you who are now part of Gamma Squadron. It will be a privilege and an honor to work with you guys. Here is a brief description of Gamma Squadron...

Gamma Squadron is made up of 3 flights of 4 TIE Missile Boats for a total of 12 fighters. Our primary mission: To provide close support and to take down Enemy Capital Ships. We alone are especially well equipped to take down capital ships. As you know, the Missile Boat has 4 warhead launchers. This means that we can carry the standard load of Adv. Concussion Missles AND carry a load of Heavy Space Bombs.

Although Alpha Squadron and Beta Squadron have a flight of Missile Boats each, we have 3 flights. Often, we are called on for support of defenseless ships; those ships that are easily attacked and destroyed by our enemies. We have the unique ability to destroy missiles heading for their targets by use of our SLAMs.

Here is a brief run-down on our primary starfighter: the Missile Boat.

The missile boat is a technologically advanced destructor in itself. With its ability to carry Adv. Concussion Missiles and Heavy Space Bombs, it can destroy capital ships and enemy starfighters both. Although it is armed with only one laser cannon, it is still a formidable dogfighter. With the use of it's newly designed SLAMs, it can reach speeds of over 400 MGLT... a speed that can outrun missiles easily. It can be equipped with a tractor beam, a jammer beam, or a decoy beam. It is usually equipped with the former as it needs all the help it can get with lock-ons.

I hope you feel proud to be part of this elite group of ravagers. Feel free to E-Mail me with questions, comments, etc.


The Emperor's Hammer is based on a hierarchy of command. For those of you that do not know what that means, it means that we are run by a chain of command. If, after completing a mission (one of the newly designed missions that is), you feel that you are performing better than a superior, such as a flight leader, e-mail me your clip for the battle (*.CLP). I will review all clips from my Squadron Pilots and determine whether or not a promotion is in order. For more background info read Newsletter #5.

If you have any preguntas (questions), comments, etc., please e-mail me @ Quackodile.

General Shawshank
Gamma Commander/Executive Officer


I would like to say that I am proud of the work our wing has acheived. In one month, the Hammer has had exactly 30 positions filled by brave, loyal Imperial pilots. That averages to about one new recruit per day, which is excellent by any standard.

We have searched the galaxy for the most fearless, bold, experienced, and/or luckiest pilots in the Navy. There have been as many applicants as positions for the Hammer, but only you 30, you have been selected to become a part of this elite force. More will come to fill the gaps, but you should be proud that you have been elected to join this wing, as its first pilots.

I sincerly congratulate you all, from every Imperial citizen in the galaxy.

To Lambda Squadron, I congratulate you doubly, on being a part of one of the most talented first-strike squadrons in the galaxy. And may the galaxy watch as we annihilate the Rebellion and all other anti-Imperial forces in the universe!

General Thunder
Lambda Commander, Flight Officer
Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing