Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
Aurora System/PLT Daedalus, Outer Rim Sector
The Dark Sentinel
No. 33 (June 16, 1996)

The Flagship of the Emperor's Hammer, the 15 km long
SSSD Sovereign, in orbit above Sif, Phare System...
(Photo: Created by pirrell@castle.net, 1996)


We begin this month as the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet begins its slow, measured expansion
into the Outer Rim Territories (see Bulletin Board section of this
Newsletter). As will be presented in a forthcoming version of the EH Systems Manual
(v.1.3) and in this Newsletter, the Hammer is beginning to explore neighboring Star
Systems within the Outer Rim for potential conquest...There are also plans to make
"interfleet" contests and missions/battles with the AOL-based Rebel Squadrons
Online Fleet...It is expected that this will lead both clubs smoothly into the long-
anticipated LucasArts XWing vs TIE Fighter and provide many hours of enjoyment
for both Fleets...!

Within this Newsletter is the continuation of the Fleet Commander's Campaign I -
The Emperor, Alive or Vision...A FULL story is presented in the Office of the Fleet
Commander Section of this Newsletter...:)

Included with this Newsletter are a total of seven new TIE Fighter Battles and one
new XWing Battle for use by Members of the Emperor Hammer. There are also
several Free Missions, contest missions, 3 Agressor Wing related missions, and a new
fighter review mission (TIE Silencer)...This totals an unprecedented 66 missions
attached to NL #33...!!!

In addition, several excellent AVIs have been submitted as well as new utilities for
use with TIE Fighter and 2 Lightsaber patches for Dark Forces...such as a utility to
extract sounds from TIE Fighter CD...!

With our Fleet's tremendous growth, submission of EH-related fiction has increased
as well...ALL EH Members are encouraged to read this month's member submissions
found in the Officer's Deck and Cantina Sections...And our SubGroup Members will
be happy to know that the SubGroups are going strong...The BHG has reported in
with 200+ (220-240) Members...! So go visit your group's section of this Newsletter...

Finally, our readers will notice a few "new" embedded sound clips herein...That's
right, they're of your's truly...:) I have embedded three altered/echo WAV files into
this Newsletter which feature me and new Imperial Sovereign Protector "Portal" (see
the Office of the Fleet Commander Section)...In concert with AD Zlatan, I hope to be
posting an AVI featuring photo(s) of myself with my voice in NL 34...

As always, enjoy and Serve the Emperor above all others...!!!

Respectfully Submitted...

Grand Admiral Ronin
Fleet Commander/Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
FC/GA Ronin/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign



The following presents articles and items of interest related to the Emperor's Hammer
from all over the Empire, as published on the Imperial HoloNet and/or forwarded to the
Fleet Commander.


Grand Admiral Ronin has gathered articles and submissions regarding development of
the Emperor's Hammer. These include Fleet events, overall EH Plotlines, personal
anecdotes, etc. The Fleet Commander wishes to emphasize that all development proposals for the Emperor's
Hammer MUST be approved by the Fleet Commander prior to release to the rest of the Fleet.

The latest events of the Emperor's Hammer on the Internet and World Wide Web
(WWW)... The Fleet Commander is proud to announce that the Fleet can now claim 72
EH-related WWW Home Pages total...! Herein, the Recon Officer presents his reports
from the frontiers of the Galactic Empire from the bridge of the
M/CRV PHantom...


The Battle Board posts a chronological listing of all new Battles/Missions approved for
use with the Emperor's Hammer. This also includes individual missions status, mission
designers and high scoring pilots. In addition, a summary of all completed EH Battles to
date is posted herein...The Battle Board is being maintained by the Fleet Commander's
Attache (CA:FC/VA Devin/CA-1/SSSD Sov)....


The Tactical Officer herein posts any special updates and events related to the Tactical
operations of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.In addition, All NEW Member-
submitted, Battle/Mission Plotlines will now be presented herein rather than in
in the Office of the Fleet Commander.
This section also provides directions on
copying and playing the new EH missions.


The Office of the Fleet Commander periodically releases submissions by Command
Officers and Flag Officers of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Office of the Fleet Commander herein posts submissions by the Squadron Commanders,
Flight Leaders and Flight Members of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Flight Officer herein posts the offical Pilot Roster for the Emperor's Hammer.


The Executive Officer (SAdmAdams@aol.com), in recognition of the many efforts and
contributions of the Emperor's Hammer Members, herein presents the official Emperor's
Hammer Medal Board...


The Emperor's Hammer Training Officer herein presents the latest events for new and
aspiring Members of the Fleet...In addition, details regarding the latest EH Contests are presented...


The Logistics Officer herein presents important Fleet Communiques and other information
presented since the posting of the last EH Newsletter...


The Fleet Commander provides the following Sections of the Newsletter for exclusive
use of the approved Sub-Groups of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...


The Fleet Commander presents the attached Section of the Newsletter for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion

The following Section of the Newsletter is for the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion.

Bounty Hunters Guild

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Infiltrator Wing

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the Infiltrator Wing of the
EH... A Wing of former Rebel Pilots that have returned to the Empire...

Corporate Division

The following Section of the Newsletter can be accessed by the
Emperor's Hammer Corporate Division.

Intelligence Division

The newest SubGroup of the Emperor's Hammer, the Intelligence Division, will serve to
organize our eyes and ears across the chaos that is now the Empire...



The Fleet Commander herein posts the current Fleet Order of Battle for the Emperor's
Hammer, as approved by the Fleet Commander and the Command Staff...


The Office of the Wing Commander herein posts a listing description of all files attached
to this Newsletter:


Members may refer to the latest versions of the following Emperor's Hammer (EH) Pilot manuals for
additional general information

All of the Pilot Manuals have been or will be uploaded to the AOL
FSRC>Club Files Area and The Fleet Commander's Library at WWWW URL:



Herein, the Fleet Commander posts a list of disclaimers and copyrights, presumed to be in
effect at the time of posting/release of this document.