Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
Aurora System/PLT Daedalus, Outer Rim Sector
The Dark Sentinel
No. 31 (April 12, 1996)

The SSD Avenger, former Flagship of the Emperor's Hammer,
currently in orbit above Eos, awaiting her new crew of Dark Jedi..
(Photo: E-Mailed by Dactyl@aol.com)


"Peace comes forth to a fearful world,
Where life and hope are destroyed,
The Terror and death must be stricken,
From the desolate and dark void.

Taking the struggle, came one man,
A power that stood firm and tall.
He claimed the right, to govern the terror,
Of the uncertain destiny of it all.

The Force that flowed through him,
Like a mountain stream,
He would change the universes,
To his long thought dream.

The power grow well,
And spread far and near.
He had become the God to all,
And they would come to hear

The Empire long ago ruled firm,
With the guidance and rulership of he,
But the shadow of the rebel reign,
Came to light for all to see.

The struggle grew fast, and out of control,
And the battle was full of might,
But the Emperor fell, in the heat of the war,
In the Dark cold of the night."

=GN ( ) Distant======

- CMDR/BG Distant/Cheth-1/SSSD Sov
Poet Laureate of the Emperor's Hammer

First, I would like to announce the resignation of two valued Officers in the Hammer...FA Pyr
(formerly Flight Officer) and High Inquisitor Stelek...I wish godspeed to both of these pilots and many
victories ahead...Their spirits will continue to be honored in the Emperor's Hammer...

This issue of the Dark Sentinel features MANY new Member submissions and revised Newsletter
formats. The Newsletter changes include a complete overhaul of the EH Roster and the introduction of
the sixth EH SubGroup, the Intelligence Division. With 880 Members currently, the Fleet continues its
unprecedented growth.

Attached files submitted by Members include FIVE new EH TIE Battles comprising 25 TIE Fighter
missions, several new Corporate, Ship, PLT and Squadron Banners, a new card game created by Pappy
(and a pic of the real Pappy..eek...:), a couple of GREAT AVIs created by BZlatan@aol.com, several
new animated EH cursors for Win95, the last three Krath "Epistles" of the retiring FA Pyr, a new OVL
file that will alow you to play all Imperial craft in X-Wing, 2 new Battle Medals, TIE Fighter related
sound files for use in TIE Fighter, 4 new SubGroup Manuals, and much more...!

This Newsletter also represents the arrival of our new Flagship, the SSSD Sovereign...During the
transfer, I would ask that all Members be patient as we conduct the daunting task of switching over ID
Lines in the various sections of the EH Newsletters...


Serve the Emperor above all others...!

My special thanks to CMDR/GN Derr/Vav-1/SSSD Sov (EISS9@aol.com) for most of
the new icons presented in this Newsletter...!

Grand Admiral Ronin
Fleet Commander/Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
Head Master of the Dark Brotherhood
FC/GA Ronin/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign


The following presents articles and items of interest related to the Emperor's Hammer
from all over the Empire, as published on the Imperial HoloNet and/or forwarded to the
Fleet Commander.


Grand Admiral Ronin has gathered articles and submissions regarding development of
the Emperor's Hammer. These include new Medals, Wing events, new missions, Battle
Plotlines, etc. The Fleet Commander wishes to emphasize that all development proposals
for the Emperor's Hammer MUST be approved by the Fleet Commander prior to release
to the rest of the Wing.

The latest events of the Emperor's Hammer on the Internet and World Wide Web
(WWW)... The Fleet Commander is proud to announce that the Fleet can now claim 44
EH-related WWW Home Pages total...! Herein, the Recon Officer presents his reports
from the frontiers of the Galactic Empire...


The Battle Board posts a chronological listing of all new Battles/Missions approved for
use with the Emperor's Hammer. This also includes individual missions status, mission
designers and high scoring pilots. In addition, a summary of all completed EH Battles to
date is posted herein...The Battle Board is being maintained by the Fleet Commander's
Assistant (WC-FCA/MG Caesar/ISD Rel)....


The Tactical Officer herein posts any special updates and events related to the Tactical
operations of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. This section also provides directions on
copying and playing the new EH missions.


The Office of the Fleet Commander periodically releases submissions by Command
Officers and Flag Officers of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Office of the Fleet Commander herein posts comments, scores, Imperial Navy Pilot
Records, etc. submitted by the Squadron Commanders, Flight Leaders and Flight Members of
the Emperor's Hammer. Higher ranked Command Officers and Flag Officers are asked to
place their submissions in the Officer's Deck Section for Fleet review.


The Office of the Fleet Commander herein posts the offical Pilot Roster for the
Emperor's Hammer.


The Executive Officer (SAdmAdams@aol.com), in recognition of the many efforts and
contributions of the Emperor's Hammer Members, herein presents the New Medal Awards,
Medal Board, the Medals of Honor and the Fleet Commander's Honor


The Fleet Commander herein posts the current Fleet Order of Battle for the Emperor's
Hammer, as approved by the Fleet Commander and the Command Staff...


At the request of the Security Officer and due to the ever growing size of the Fleet (and
the commensurate need to maintain order in the resurgent Imperial Navy), the Fleet
Commander herein posts security related issues for the Emperor's Hammer...


The Fleet Commander provides the following Sections of the Newsletter for exclusive
use of the approved Sub-Groups of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...


The Fleet Commander presents the attached Section of the Newsletter for the
exclusive use of Grand Master Paladin and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion

The following Section of the Newsletter is for the exclusive use of the Hammer's
Fist Stormtrooper Legion.

Bounty Hunters Guild

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Infiltrator Wing

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the Infiltrator Wing of the
Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.

Corporate Division

The following Section of the Newsletter can be exclusively accessed by the new
Emperor's Hammer Corporate Division.

Intelligence Division

The newest SubGroup of the Emperor's Hammer, the Intelligence Division, will serve to
organize our eyes and ears across the chaos that is now the Empire...


The Office of the Wing Commander herein posts a listing description of all files attached
to this Newsletter:


Members may refer to the latest versions of the following Emperor's Hammer (EH) Pilot manuals for
additional general information (all of the Pilot Manuals have been or will be uploaded to the AOL
FSRC>Club Files Area and the EH WWW Home Page for posting...)

EH Pilot Manuals

EH Training Manual (trn-man.wri) - Provides detailed information on the EH bylaws/structure,
Training Requirements, Ranks, Positions, Promotions, SubGroups, etc...(Latest version: 1.6)

Fleet Manual (flt-man.wri) - Provides detailed statistics and pictures of the Capital Ships of the
Fleet and new TIE fighters developed solely for use by the Emperor's Hammer...(Latest version:

Systems Manual (sys-man.wri) - The Systems Manual will aid EH Members in orienting
themselves within the Empire. Detailed planetary, system and Platform descriptions are
presented. Maps and pictures are also included...(Latest version: 1.3)

Operations Manual (ops-man.wri) - The OPS Manual, created by RB Kugel, presents all of the
Emperor's Hammer related Medals and Uniforms for use by EH Members...

EH Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ (faq.hlp) - The EH FAQ was created by CEO Dan
(Md128m@ao.com) and answers all general questions about the Emperor's Hammer without a
significant download time...(Latest version: 1.1)

EH Mission Compendium (missions.wri) - The EH Mission Compendium was faithfully
compiled by FAHavok@aol.com. This EH Pilot Manual details the Battle Plotlines and
contains missions for ALL EH Battles current through NL #30...

EH Banner Manual (under development)

EH SubGroup Manuals

Dark Side Compendium (db-man.wri) - The Dark Side Compendium...to be used by Dark Jedi as
a reference for all Dark Brotherhood SubGroup related information...(Latest version: 1.1)

Infiltrator Wing Training Manual (iwtaman.wri) - BG DanMan (Md128m@aol.com) has
created this new Infiltrator Wing Training Manual to help re-acclimate former Rebel pilots into
the Imperial Navy...

Bounty Hunters' Guild Guidebook (bhgman.wri) - The EH Security Officer
(RAJACTRip@aol.com) has produced the definitive Guidebook for the Bounty Hunters that
serve the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...

Corporate Division Technical Manual corp-man.wriThe Executive Officer (ExO) of the
Corporate Division (Md128m@aol.com) has created an exhaustive manual of the inner
complexities of the Corporate Division SubGroup...

Stormtrooper Field Guide (fld-man.wri) - LPelus@aol.com presents this manual to document
the latest revisions in the revitalized Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion...

Interrogation Manual (int-man.wri) - The sixth and newest SubGroup now has a new manual as
well. The Interrogation Manual fully details the goals and structure of the Intelligence Division,
as created by EHSarkis@aol.com...


Copyright, W Call, Emperor's Hammer. Author(s) reserve all rights to the contents herein

- Windows Write is copyrighted (c) 1985-1993 by the Microsoft Corporation
- PKZIP/UNZIP are copyrighted (c) 1989-1993 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.
- TIE Fighter is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Co., 1994
- TIE Fighter CD is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Co., 1995
- X-Wing is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Co., 1993

The author of this newsletter may occasionally publish photographs or artwork submitted by a Member.
The Fleet Commander herein notifies all readers that the submitter of the artwork, graphic or photograph is
responsible for notifying the Fleet Commander of the origin of the picture so that proper credit may be given
to its author. When the origin or author of a particular picture is not submitted, the Fleet Commander will
credit the sender of the same with his/her AOL Screen Name and date (month,year). Authors of original
computer-generated artwork will also be so recognized in the picture caption.

Likewise, when written text is submitted for posting in the Newsletter, all submitters are reminded that
credit must be given to its original author (if applicable) and the Fleet Commander notified so that proper
credit can be given in the Newsletter.

Fleet Commander:
Internet Address: GARonin@aol.com