Han Solo's infamous Millenium Falcon
(photo: Niels6220 - 11/20/94)


Advance Command Elements of Alpha and Delta Squadrons recently engaged a group of four Mon Calamari Cruisers in Roche's Asteriod Field in the Outer Rim Sector. Wing Commander General Ronin was among the TIE pilots in the advance scout unit. The Wing Commander related his latest engagement to a group of Flight Cadets training on the Avenger:

Avenger Concourse following Cadet Commencement Ceremonies...

"General Ronin, could you please give the Cadets a hint about what to expect in the days ahead on board the Avenger. As I recall you relating to the Command Staff this morning, your recent encounter with the four Mon Calamari Cruisers was a bit extraordinary, to say the least."

- Training Instructor Captain McDermitt

"Well, it was a rather unusual but challenging mission from the start. On account of Lord Vader's recent announcement of a Rebel Alliance "manhunt", the Command Elements of Alpha and Delta Squadrons (1st two TIEs of Flight I) were on long range patrol. Our mission was to scout the periphery of the asteroid ring and formulate patrol patterns for the next few weeks. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) believed that Mon Calamari Units, led by Admiral Ackbar, may have been in the asteroid field. The mapping/recon mission was set to be 12 hours long with no reload capability. That was the easy part...

When I came out of Hyperspace, I found my TIE Defender facing FOUR MCS Cruisers! But for some reason, there were no escort fighters or ships. As a matter of fact, there was no reason for them to be there at all...but there they were...

I immediately powered up lasers and shields and went to work. Fortunately, six heavy rockets had been loaded onto the Defender. They decimated the shields of of the first Cruiser (Shaka 1), which upon inspection, was manned by a skeleton Rebel repair crew. After disabling Shaka 1 with Ion Cannons, I finished it off with Laser Cannons. I was about to call it a day and return to the Avenger with my sensor information when the remaining Cruisers began firing on each other! Needless to say, I made short work of the victor.

Following the analysis of the mission film (file emph-m1.clp), the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) can reach no conclusion to explain the presence of these four unmanned and unescorted cruisers. However, they appear to have been abandoned for some time in the asteroid ring. ISB also believes the presence of independent pirate forces may explain the cruisers suddenly firing on one another.

But after today, I suppose we'll never know...

- Wing Commander General Ronin

Wing Commander's Note:

Although this is the first edited mission found by General Ronin to date, the Tactical Officer has said that the editor may be bug-ridden. However, the mission film clip can be obtained from the Office of the Wing Commander @ W Call for download and review. Simply place the file (emph-m1.clp) in the C:\tie subdirectory, enter the Avenger Concourse - Film Room and view normally. The Tactical Officer has assured the Wing Commander that he's working on the editor. More details to follow in Newsletter No. 4. In addition, the Executive Officer (General Shawshank) claims to have edited several missions successfully. It should be noted that work on programming a mission editor has been spearheaded by our Imperial cousins in the Compuserve online service. All further questions should be directed to the Tactical Officer, General Cli4ord @ Cliffy369.

Rebels Ambush Imperial Convoy

In a related incident, the newly appointed Executive Officer, General Shawshank, recently uploaded the following gun camera images. They show his TIE attacking Rebel Corellian Corvettes following an ambush by Rebel Alliance forces on an Imperial Convoy in the Laramus System.

Corellian Corvette Visseon I in Laramus system
(photo: Quackodile, 1/5/95)

Corellian Corvettes, Trebour and Mariner, in Laramus system
(photo: Quackodile, 1/5/95)


It is with great pleasure that the Office of the Wing Commander announces activation of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing. According to representatives of Grand Admiral Thrawn's Command Staff, the Emperor's Hammer is officially on Active Status as of January 7, 1995.

In addition, Squadron Commanders should begin developing specialties, rosters, plotlines, stories, etc. for their individual squadrons. The Newsletters will serve as a forum for Squadron notices and rosters. Also, Squadron Commanders are requested to aid recruitment operations to fill out their squadrons, as per the latest directive of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Remember, there are a total of 72 TIE pilots in the Emperor's Hammer.


Much to the displeasure of the Lord Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial Bureau of Recruitment and Propaganda has been lax in their review of pilot applications to fill Wing Member positions within the Emperor's Hand. Consequently, Grand Admiral Thrawn has directed all Imperial Navy Screening Officers to fill positions through expedited volunteer recruitment.

Wing Commander General Ronin is pleased to post the following appointments to positions of command within the recently formed Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing.


TO: Members of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing
STATION: Imperial Class Star Destroyer Avenger
FROM: Grand Admiral Thrawn
DATE: January 7, 1995
RE: Emperor's Hammer Command Appointments

By order of the Imperial Navy and the authority accorded me by Emperor Palpatine, I herein post the following Squadron Commander Appointments for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing:

ALPHA SQUADRON (Command/Strike)
General Ronin (W Call)*

BETA SQUADRON (Elite Strike)
General Peter Papp (Peter Papp)*

GAMMA SQUADRON (Close Support)
General Shawshank (Quackodile)

General Cli4ord (Cliffy369)*

General Steel (Sniper7541)

General Thunder (ChuckJoeS)

* - Previously posted in Newsletter No. 2

The files of the pilots listed above have been reviewed personally by myself and Wing Commander General Ronin and have been certified for Active Command Status within the Emperor's Hammer. It is anticipated that these exemplary starfighter pilots will continue to serve the Empire to the best of their ability in their new positions.

These officers will have the authority to sign and seal all Imperial correspondence with their new Squadron Command Titles and shall be granted all rights and priviledges accordingly.

In addition, the following Wing Command Appointments are posted for administration of the Emperor's Hammer. Their command orders are to be executed with the authority of the Wing Commander. These positions each entail specific areas of responsibility and command and are presented in order of command, as follows:

WING COMMANDER: General Ronin (W Call)*
(commander, overall wing administration/development and
generation of Emperor's Hammer newsletters)

EXECUTIVE OFFICER: General Shawshank (Quackodile)
(second in command, strategic command and wing development)

TACTICAL OFFICER: General Cli4ord - Delta Squadron Commander (Cliffy369)
(Mission planning/control)

FLIGHT OFFICER: General Thunder (ChuckJoeS)
(Pilot recruitment and maintenance of wing roster)

* - Previously posted in Newsletter No. 2

These officers will have the authority to sign and seal all Imperial correspondence with their new Wing Command Titles and shall be granted all rights and priviledges accordingly.

Congratulations and may victory greet our forces...

Long live Palpatine...

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Wing Commander's Note: The Emperor's Hammer General Roster will be maintained by the Flight Officer and will be updated in all subsequent Emperor's Hammer Newsletters.

In addition, according to Imperial Naval tradition, the Wing Commander General's Command Staff releases the following Statement of Qualifications for the Wing Commander:

Wing Commander General Ronin
Callsign: Ronin
Rank: General
Current Assignment: Wing Commander - Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing
Training Patches: All including TIE Defender and Missile Boat
Combat Medallions: All Gold including TIE Defender and Missile Boat
Medals: Medals for completed Battle Nos. 1 through 10 (w/ clusters)
No. of Kills: 675
Member of Inner Circle of the Emperor's Secret Order

General Ronin's pilot (ronin.tfr) file can be downloaded from the Office of the Wing Commander upon E-Mail request.

General Ronin
Wing Commander
Emperor's Hammer
Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger

Bounty placed on Rebel Alliance Leaders

In the latest attempt to capture leaders of the Rebel Alliance and the remainder of Admiral Zaarin's forces, Lord Vader has issued an Empire wide bounty on Admiral Zaarin and the Rebel leaders. Several of these individuals were last identified escaping Hoth in the Modified Corellian Light Freighter, the "Millenium Falcon". The pirate Han Solo and his Wookie navigator, Chewbacca, reportedly pilot this craft. In addition Luke Skywalker, son of a former fighter pilot for the Republic, and Princess Leia Organa of Alderon have been known to associate with Solo. Consequently, Grand Admiral Thrawn has released the following ID file to all Imperial citizens. Extreme caution should be taken when confronting these traitors; they are known to be armed and extremely dangerous.

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa of
Alderon in long range remote probe image.
(photo: ClayH3 - 6/14/91)

Lord Vader has issued the following statement to all Imperial Citizens.

Citizens of the Empire,

In order to promote peace and maintain order throughout the Empire, all Citizens are hereby empowered to expedite the capture of the following enemies of the Empire:

Luke Skywalker, Rebel Alliance Starfighter Pilot Princess Leia Organa, Rebel Alliance Leader/Diplomat Han Solo, Pirate Chewbacca, Pirate Wedge Antilles, Rebel Alliance Starfighter Pilot Biggs Darklighter, Rebel Alliance Starfighter Pilot Mon Mothma, Rebel Alliance Leader/Tactician Ackbar, Mon Calamari Rebel Alliance Leader Admiral Zaarin, Former Imperial Naval Commander Each Member of Admiral Zaarin's Command Staff

In accordance with Imperial Law and the martial authority granted to me by Emperor Palpatine, a bounty of 10,000,000 IC is hereby posted for the capture of each of the above individuals of the Rebellion. An additional bounty of 500,000 IC is also hereby posted for the capture of each Imperial Naval Officer associated with former Admiral Zaarin forces.

The recent escape of these individuals and their flagrant treachery against the Emperor presents a significant threat to stability within the Empire. Consequently, I also herein declare, in accordance with the wishes of Emperor Palpatine, that my personal Strike Force shall use all means necessary to expedite capture of these individuals. This Imperial Directive shall take precedence over all others.

However, let it be stressed that these individuals are to be captured alive. Any harm to the prisoners will result in a personal debriefing with myself and other select members of my Interrogation Unit.

Respectfully submitted,
Lord Darth Vader
Dark Lord of the Sith

According to Lord Vader's Command Staff, all sightings of the wanted individuals shall be first reported to the appropriate authorities prior to any capture attempt. Location of the traitors is as crucial as their capture.

Long live Emperor Palpatine...

Wing Commander General William "Ronin" Call
Emperor's Hammer
Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger