The Wing Commander has reluctantly approved the formation of a Bounty Hunter's Guild

for exclusive use with the Emperor's Hammer. Following the Battle of Endor and

considering the current state of chaos in the Empire, such individuals will prove

invaluable in gathering information, tracking down renegades and performing other

"special services" for the Emperor's Hammer.


Other than adherence to the Emperor's Hammer Bylaws, the Bounty Hunter's Guild does

not have to conform to the standard Imperial Naval command structure. Consequently,

Guild Members are expected to follow their own internal Caste structure, as detailed



Since the success of a Bounty Hunter is based solely on his/her ability to find his

"Targets" and collect monetary "Prizes", his/her status in the Guild will be determined by

total accumulated credits for completing Hammer assigned Missions. Thus, the Guild

will be organized according to "Caste Positions".