MEMBERS! Here is the Holonet Update from the last NL! (NL #20) 

Strike Fleet Information Center


New Members

GN Killer (LRelfordEM/Killer)

GN Darkjedi (Mateo 15/Darkjedi)

GN Sabre (Grey Sabre/Sabre)

GN Redtoast (EHammer1/Redtoast)

GN Callen (JC is Here/Callen)

GN Keen (

GN Kong (

GN Nate (

GN Chris (

GN David (

GN BobDylan (CoutinHo/BobDylan)

GN David (DaveS445/David)

GN Briel lya (Briel lya/Briel lya)


New Trainees

Trainee *Pending* (

Trainee *Pending* (Ricfwb/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (BBandu1386/Pending)


Inactive Reserves

GN Taco (Justin4567)

GN Warlock (RonenY)

GN Maverick (Frank3759)

GN Mark (Mark40636)

GN Gunner (Gunner9459)

GN Michela (Wrchilde/GN Michela)


GN Sugar (SweetBrina)


Pilots on Notice. Failure to send in your TFR file by the Next NL will result in execution.

Trainee *Pending* (Hoochiman/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (WPack34788/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (MartinF616/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (Typhoon99/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (CR Evan/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (MikeJedi1/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (JSCK/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (CA4940/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (Englbert/Pending)

Trainee *Pending* (

Trainee *Pending* ( 



The Flight Officer herein posts the following transfers, promotions,
demotions, and deaths to the General Pilot Roster.
All Inactive Members will also be posted here. 


GN Zeus (Athena923/Zeus) from Psi III Flight Leader to CMDR of Omicron Squadron, on the VSD Ravager.



RA Moldman (ScotP/Moldman), has been promoted to >> Internet Officer/CF-8, Comm. of VSD Ravager

GN Zeus (Athena923/Zeus) has been Promoted to Brigadier General.

GN Prophet (CMDR Scaan/Prophet) has been promoted to Brigadier General AND to command of

Sigma Squadron, onboard the SSD Avenger.

BG Havok (Gen Havok/Havok) has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

GN Briel lya (Briel lya/Briel lya) has been Promoted to Lambda III Flight Leader.

GN Talon (Bamwolf/Talon) has been promoted to Brigadier General.






GN Bomber (DivBomber)


The following pilots have died in training..


(Standard Imperial Doctrine requires ALL Trainees have an escort while on manuevers.) 


Executed for crimes against the Empire!

GN Hammer (IRASniper/Hammer)

GN Master (CWH 1995/Master)