Command Officers 

Fleet Commander (CF-1): Grand Admiral Ronin (GA Ronin)

Executive Officer (CF-2): Fleet Admiral Adams (VAdmAdams)

Tactical Officer (CF-3): Admiral Shekinah (Shekinah)

Flight Officer (CF-4): Admiral Stelek (Asutton348)

Training Officer (CF-5): Admiral Paladin (Mstr Jdi)

Operations Officer (CF-6): Rear Admiral Briel Lya (RA Tav B)

Comm. Officer (CF-7): Admiral Shawshank (Quackodile)

Internet Officer (CF-8): Admiral Moldman (ScotP)


Flag Officers 

Commodore, SSD Avenger: RA Jac (JACtRip583)

Commodore, ISD Colossus: RA Havok (Gen Havok)

Commodore, ISD Vanguard: RA Zeus (Athena923/Zeus)

Commodore, CRS Renegade: RA Terran (RA Terran)

Wing Commander/Wing I: LG Talon (Bamwolf)

Wing Commander/Wing II: LG Lucas (MarkFlux)

Wing Commander/Wing III: LG Goatboy (THXGoatBoy)

Wing Commander/Wing IV: LG Krett (

Wing Commander/Infiltrator Wing: LG Crandall (DarkToeJam)


Sub Group Commanders 

Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood: Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR)

Bounty Hunter's Guild Grand Master: BountyLord

Hammer's Fist, Prefect of the Legion: (LearJet35A)

Infiltrator Wing: Rear Admiral Terran (RA Terran)

IWTO: BG Vesper (GEN Vesper)


Support Staff 

Medical Officer: GN Nemesis (Thrawn 96)

Flight Nurse: TBA

Fleet Commander's First Assistant: RA Havok (Havok)

Fleet Commander's Second Assistant: GN Primum (Jedi 007)

Executive Assistant: RA Terran (RA Terran)

First Tactical Assistant: BG Wedge (TIEWedge)

Second Tactical Assistant: BG Sten (Genrl Sten)

Flight Assistant: BG Strife (Gen Strife)


Imperial Advisors

ISB Liason Officer/Counselor: GN Johann Kane (N/A)

Dark Brotherhood Liason Officer: GN Sths Tor (Sths Tor)

Rebel Strategy Specialist: GN Dude (Alenz 59)


Squadron Commanders 

SSD Avenger 

Wing I 

Alpha Commander: GN Marko (SJain/Marko)

Beta Commander: GN Sabre (Grey Sabre)

Gamma Commander: BG Strife (Gen Strife)

Delta Commander: GN Viper (MPisani/Viper)

Epsilon Commander: GN Andrew (Barnacleez)

Lambda Commander: GN Sths Tor (Sths Tor)


Wing II 

Kappa Commander: GN Buddy (ROM MOHC)

Psi Commander: BG Jedi (Jedi 1137)

Rho Commander: BG Nemesis (Thrawn 96)

Sigma Commander: BG Prophet (CMDR Scaan)

Omega Commander: GN Katarn (Katarn 5)

Theta Commander: GN Yoni (LTSaber)


ISD Colossus 

Wing III 

Mu Commander: GN Top Ace (SonicWC)

Nu Commander: GN Dude (Alenz59)

Pi Commander: BG Sten (Genrl Sten)

Phi Commander: GN Abaddon (Rouland)

Iota Commander: BG Wedge (TIEWedge)

Tau Commander: GN Melan Pyr (RBKugel)


ISD Vanguard 

Wing IV 

Dragon Commander: GN SFunaro (SFunaro)

Viper Commander: GN Princess (Olivia828)

Asp Commander: TBA

Cobra Commander: TBA

Raptor Commander: TBA

Python Commander: TBA


CRS Renegade

Black Commander (X-Wing): TBA

Bronze Commander (Y-Wing): BG Shelly (ShelySteel)

Gray Commander (A-Wing): TBA

Green Commander (B-Wing): TBA


LCF Excelsior

Hammers' Fist Commander: Prefect of the Legion (LearJet35A)


Star Galleon IvanHoe

Bounty Hunters' Guild Grand Master: BountyLord


Imperial Dungeon Ship Lichtor V

Dark Brotherhood Grand Master: Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR)


Training PLT Daedalus

Zeta Commander: Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR)

Squadron Status (Current Strength):

       Squadron    	# Pilots    	Strength   Classification	Squadron Make-up

       SSD Avenger
       WING I	
       Alpha	   	08[2]		67 %	   Heavy Assault	MIS-MIS-T/D
       Beta	   	09[2] 		75 %	   Elite Strike		T/D-T/D-MIS
       Gamma	   	09[1]  		75 %	   LR Support		MIS-MIS-MIS
       Delta	   	08[3]           67 % 	   Recon		T/D-T/D-T/D
       Epsilon	   	09[2] 	        75 %	   Strike		T/D-T/D-MIS
       Lambda	   	09[2]		75 %       Strike		T/D-T/D-MIS

       WING II
       Kappa	   	09[2]		75 %	   Escort		MIS-T/D-T/A
       Psi	   	09[2]		75 %   	   Interdiction		T/A-T/A-GUN
       Rho	   	09[2]		75 %   	   Deep Strike		T/D-MIS-MIS
       Sigma	   	09[1]		75 %  	   Close Support	T/A-MIS-GUN
       Omega		01[1]		Inactive   TBA			T/D-T/D-MIS
       Theta	   	08[1]		67 %       Assault		GUN-GUN-T/A
       ISD Colossus
       WING III
       Mu		10[3] 	        83 %	   Strike		T/D-T/D-MIS
       Nu		10[3] 		83 %	   Close Support	T/A-MIS-MIS
       Pi		06[2]		Inactive   LR Support		MIS-MIS-MIS
       Phi		07[3]	        58 %	   Strike		T/D-T/A-MIS
       Iota	   	08[3]		67 %	   Escort		MIS-T/D-T/A
       Tau	   	03[1]		Inactive   Pacification		T/D-T/D-MIS

       ISD Vanguard
       WING IV
       Viper	   	10[2]		83 %   	   TBA			T/A-MIS-GUN
       Dragon	   	11[1]		92 %       TBA			T/D-GUN-T/A
       Asp		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			TBA
       Cobra		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			TBA
       Raptor		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			TBA
       Python		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			TBA

       CRS Renegade

       WING V
       Black		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			X/W-X/W-X/W
       Bronze		01[1]		Inactive   TBA			Y/W-Y/W-Y/W
       Gray		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			A/W-A/W-A/W
       Green		00[0]		Inactive   TBA			B/W-B/W-B/W

       Training PLT Daedalus
       Zeta	   	N/A		N/A	   Training		Training Fighters

	Average Wing Strength is 75 %.
Squadrons shall remain "Inactive" until their strength exceeds 50 percent.
(I.E. Minimum of seven members) 
Auxiliary Fleet Squadrons are NOT included in Average Wing Strength.

*Squadrons with these designations are NOT crewed by Elite Hammer pilots, instead, they 
are crewed by "standard" Elite units.  These Squadrons MAY be upgraded to full Hammer Status as soon 
as Pilots become available.

		S.F. Starfighter Complement     Flights  Craft       
		[T/A]   TIE Advanceds'  :		25	 100
		[T/D]   TIE Defenders'  :		19	 76
		[MIS]   Missile Boats   :  		22	 88
		[GUN]   Assault Gunboats:		08	 32
		[X-W]   X-Wings         :		03	 09
		[Y-W]   Y-Wings         :		03	 09
		[A-W]   A-Wings         :		03	 09
		[B-W]   B-Wings         :		03	 09