Name: Jarrod Adams

Rank: Fleet Admiral

Scandoc Transmission Code(Screen Name): FA Adams

Sex(M/F): Male

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 6498.38(July 9, 1970)

Place of Birth: Pantolomin(Outer Rim)

Martial Status: Single

Family: Jhertod Adams(Father, deceased) Linora Adams(missing)

Social Status: Wealthy

Significant Events of Childhood & Adolescence: Nearly died at the age of 8 due to life support failure on-board one of my fathers merchant ships (the"Angora"). My Mother disapeared during a shipment transfer on the planet Dena Volz (presumed dead). I was taught how to fly T-16 Skyhoppers by my father and competed in various intergalactic flying competitions.

Significant Events of Adulthood: When Jarrod found out about the death of his father during a Rebel ambush, he felt so angry that he pledged to avenge his father's death by destroying any Rebel or threat that jeopardized the Empire. At the age of 24 he enrolled into the Imperial Academy (Starfighter division) graduating 5th out of 300 in his class. He was then assigned to the Frigate "Operium" under the command of Captain Tramilian Gorza in Alpha Squadron flight II. During his tour Jarrod engaged in many battles against Rebels and pirate organizations in the Outer Rim territories, claiming 700+ kills and was adopted the nickname of "Hotrod" by fellow pilots due to constant involvement in improving the speed of Tie Fighter. When Jarrod learned that the Emperor was forming an elite starfighter wing under the command of General Ronin (which even known in the Outer Rim as the "Corellian Crusader" ). Jarrod immediately submitted his application and upon approval, was placed as a member of Beta Squadron flight II. General Ronin promoted Jarrod to be his tactical officer and third in command shortly after the death of General Clifford. He worked very hard to ensure that the wing had enjoyable missions to play. Recently, Grand Admiral Ronin promoted him once again to the position of Executive Officer and second in command of the Emperor's Hammer, after the death Vice Admiral Renegade. Fleet Admiral Adams strives to serve the Emperor's Hammer to the best of his ability.

Alignment & Attitude: Scrupulous, likes to get along with others. He also wants to be instrumental in the downfall of the New Republic, but reports indicate no megalomania traits. He also views his rapid growth within the wing (Due to the nature involved in his promotions), fuels his resolve to destroy any threats to the Empire.

Former Occupations: None, other than helping father's business.

Hobbies: Martial Arts(or the SW equivelant), speederbike/starfighter racing, propulsion systems modifications, information systems analysis, womanizing :)

Tragedies: Mother disapeared, father was killed in a Rebel ambush. Lost a close friend in a flying accident.

Phobias & Allergies: Affraid of being alone(especially in space), no allergies(but the fertile fields of Kelisca don't help my sinuses much).

Personal views of the Empire(and the Emperor's Hammer): The Empire embodies the ultimate law and order society ever to grace our galaxy, anybody that should threaten this are madmen. The Emperor's Hammer is the Emperor's glorious instrument in eradicating the verminous law breakers of our great society.

Reason for applying to the Emperor's Hammer Elite Strike Fleet: To join the Emperor's greatest organization in exterminating the insurgence of traiterous scoundrels that plague our galaxy, and to be among others who have similar views.

Other Comments or information: Personal quote: "How fast does that thing go", personal comment to future pilots: "Live your life to it's fullest potential in the Emperor's Hammer, your efforts will not go unnoticed. And always'll never be alone".


I hereby confirm that the above information is legitimate and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Signature: Fleet Admiral Jarrod Adams

Date: 9521.52( July 30, 1995)


cc: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Liason Officer




Tatooine-A harsh, desert planet orbiting a double star, Tatooine is far out of the galactic mainstream (near the Ryloth system) and is ignored by almost everyone. The G1 and G2 stars of the system are refered to as Tatoo I and II. The two native alien species of Tatooine are the meddlesome Jawas and the fierce Tusken Raiders, commonly called Sandpeople. Animal life on the planet includes the bantha, dewback, womp rat, sandfly, bonegnawer, gravel-maggot, Krayt dragon, and the infamous sarlacc. Many colonist on the planet run moisture farms , which condense water from the dry air with vaporators. Strange mists have been known to form where the sodium-rich dunes meet the rocky cliffs, though the origin of these mists is a mystery. Locations on Tatooine include the Dune Sea, the Jundland Wastes, Anchorhead, Toshi Station, Bestine township, the Stone Needle, and the Mos Eisley spaceport. In addition, the notorious Jabba the Hutt kept a palace on Tatooine which served as the center of his widespread criminal empire. Tatooine is ruled by a Planetary Governor. Years ago, the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi came to Tatooine to place the infant Luke Skywalker in the care Kenobi's brother Own Lars and his wife Beru. Much later a message from Princess Leia Organa of Alderann, whose ship had been captured above Tatooine, helped bring Kenobi out of his life as a hermit near the Dune Sea and into the service of the Alliance. Before the Battle of Endor Luke Skywalker and his friends returned to Tatooine to free Han Solo from Jabba's palace, which resulted in the death of the crimelord. 

COM/RA Jac/SSD Avr, MoT-7gh


Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Personal Background information

(Imperial Security Bureau) 

Name: Jac Cotelin

Rank: General

Scandoc Transmission Code(Screen name): JACtRip583

Sex(M/F): M

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth(Please include Homeworld): Born on an unidentified CRS

Marital Status(Single,Married,Divorced,Separated): Single

Family: Adopted father, General Jon Cotelin, Adopted mother, Erine Cotelin, Adopted brother, Commander Ray Cotelin 

Social Status(Destitute,Poor,Well-to-do,Wealthy,Nobility): Well-to-do 

Significant Events of Childhood & Adolescence: Abandended by origonal Rebel parents during Imperial attack (1/2 years old). Found by Imperial General Jon Cotelin. Adopted by the Cotelins. Entered Imperial Junior School. Took special bonus courses on computers, message dycrypting, weaponry, code cracking, and Tie piloting. Attended adopted brother's promotion. Introduced to Vice Admiral Zaarin. Witnessed murder of Captain Lindville by Bounty Hunter at promotion. Entered Imperial Piloting School. Met roommate Kyyle Eara. Given Medal of Improvement for outstanding achievement in piloting. Brought Kyyle home for holidays. Returned to school without Kyyle. Graduated from Pilot school. 

Significant Events of Adulthood: Took first assinment on the ISD Glory under the command of Admiral Zaarin. Promoted to Lieutenant after first mission. Transferred to the ISD Deathshead. Soon promoted to Commander. Sent on mission by Lord Vader with several other men to collect bounty hunters. Found Boba Fett and old friend Kyyle Eara in cantina. Hired both men. Left ISD Deathshead to care for adopted father who was sick. Attacked by a Rebel named Captian Dacian while on parents' CRV. Given Medal of Bravery for saving adopted parents. Returned to the ISD Deathshead. Promoted to General. Transferred to ISD Avenger and the Emperor's Hammer. Recieved Medal of Tactics and Commendation of service for planning of the Dacian Downfall battle and it's first mission. Attended adopted father's funeral before moving to the new SSD Avenger. Received second Commendation of Service for planning the Interception Battle. Became Commander of Beta squadron. Received 7 green hammers for completion of B16M1-4 and 6 and B18M2-4. Promoted to Commodore and Rear Admiral...... 

Alignment & Attitude: Very loyal to the Emperor's Hammer, will follow any order, very fast reaction, gets annoyed easily. 

Former Occupations(if any): none 

Hobbies: Decrypting messages, computers, art, killing rebels, knive throwing. 

Tragedies: Abandended by origonal parents, adopted father died. 

Phobias & Allergies: Liphacaphobia (the fear of being chased by Timber Wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newely waxed floor). 

Personal views of the Empire(and Emperor's Hammer): "We may have lost Endor but the Empire still lives inside the most powerfull force around (the EH), and even if I have to it by myself every Rebel will be killed." 

Reason for applying to the Emperor's Hammer Elite Strike Force: Wanted to be a part of the largest and most powerfull force in the galaxy. 

Other comments or information(optional): Has sworn to find and kill original family because they abandoned him.


I hereby confirm that the above information is legitimate and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Signature: General Jac Cotelin


cc: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Liason Officer