The Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi is dedicated to the collection of knowledge and the pursuit of power,

both through government and the military.


DB Announces Command Changes!!!


The Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi is currently undergoing a massive command upgrade in an effort to make it more "active". The Changes are as follows: 

-Lambda Commander Sths Tor is hereby appointed to the rank of Dark Side Adept and is placed in the fourth and final Dark Council slot. He will act as mission coordinator. 

-Dark Side Adept Ronin is promoted to the rank of Master. He will coordinate the DB with the Emperor's Hammer, including joint operations.  

-Master Paladin is appointed acting head of the DB during the absence of Grand Master Kane Vader. Following the Grand Master's return, he will act as titular head of the Brotherhood, handling day to day operations. 

-All members who were previously apprentices are promoted to the rank of novice. More promotions are expected later, but first time as a member must be considered. All members are asked to contact acting Grand Master Paladin concerning their approximate date of entry. Promotions have also been handed out based on activity. Any member who feels that he has been overlooked may send a petition to Master Paladin @ Mstr Jdi.  

- Members are asked to begin posting in the DB folder, to submit NL entries for inclusion in this section, and other things which may improve the brotherhood. 

-The rank structure has been altered to make more "sense". Also the point structure has been abandoned in favor of a system based on time-in-grade. The new rank structure is as follows

Grand Master (Sub-Group Commander)

Master (Appointed)

Dark Side Adept (Appointed)

Dark Side Adept [non-council] (1 Year)

Sith Warrior/ Krath Priest (10 months)

Dark Jedi Knight (7 months)

Jedi Hunter (6 months)

Guardian (5 months)

Protector (3 months)

Acolyte (1 months)

Novice (2 weeks)

Apprentice (N/A)

Members are responsible for keeping track of their own time-in-grade. Members are asked to submit an estimate of time-in-grade. If unsure, a "guesstimate" will be made by the Grand Master and a rank arbitrarily assigned. The highest rank a member can currenlty hold is Dark Jedi Knight. Promotions will also be given for outstanding service. The orders of the Sith and Krath will remain unchanged, except that the minimum ranks are Guardian and Protector respecively. Applications can be fowarded to the Grand Master. 

-Missions utilizing the DB will now be used by the EH. These missions will be mainly for TIE Fighter, with perhaps a few DOOM levels to simulate ground battle (even better would be HERETIC). Members who have any such missions are asked to send them to the council for review.  


(As of 6/30/95)

Dark Council

Grand Master Vader*/DK LRD VDR

Master Jedgar Paladin*/Mstr jdi

Master Ronin*/GA Ronin+

Adept Sths Tor*/Sths Tor+



Dark Knight Stelek/ASutton348+

Jedi Hunter Mateo/Mateo 15+

Acolyte Crandall/DarkToeJam+

Acolyte Stuuf/Quackodile+

Acolyte Havoc/Gen Havok+

Novice Shen/Thrawn 96

Novice Exar Motti/Vader 95

Novice Adams/Ja24

Novice Durron/Kyps

Novice Hethrir/John775225

Novice Ramsey/DKJRAMSEY

Novice Goatboy/THXGoatboy

Novice Tarkin/Tapped Out

Novice ????/Jedi 007

Novice ????/Jedi 1137

Novice Quailman/Rink Rat13 Executed by order of the Grand Master!

Novice ????/Kuptoman

Novice ????/MasterXP11

Novice ????/Tsgt Yakko


* Dark Council

? Send Jedi Name to The Grand Master@ DK LRD VDR & to the Master @ Mstr Jdi



CMDR/GN Sths Tor/Lambda-1/SSD Avr 

Grand Admiral Ronin paced the Com. deck of the SSD in agitation. "How had the Rebels accomplished everything that they had?" he fumed at the empty room. Ever since Endor, the Rebels have been one and sometimes two steps ahead. His eyes searched out the Imperial communique on the cluttered desk. He picked it up and quickly scanned it again. 

------------------------For Fleet Commander Ronin's Eyes Only---------------- 

Grand Admiral Ronin

Recognition code Hunter4/45DS.92

Your suspicions concerning the Rebels were correct. While pretending to be the saviors of the galaxy with nothing but peaceful intent, the hypocrites are even now developing a new super weapon. The Rebel scum seem have high hopes for this weapon.

Unfortunately, only the name of the project is known.....Archangel. What this may signify is unknown, especially given the Rebels' penchant for giving weapon systems more mundane names.

This project seems to be of the highest priority for the rabble. Their High Command seems to be taking a personal interest in Archangel. The High Command frequently shuttles between this station and some unknown facility for meetings and inspections. The next meeting is to take place in 3 weeks. The Millennium Falcon is scheduled to make the run. This indicates that at least the smuggler Han Solo and the Wookie will at least be on board. I am transmiting their initial jump coordinates. The possibility exists to track the Falcon to it's secret base. I recommend that we activate our surprise package. 

---------------------------------------------END TRANSMISSION----------------------------------------------- 

Ronin sat staring blankly at the report; slowely an idea formed and a malicious smile spread slowly across his face. "Yes, it is time for the Rebels to taste some of their own medicine." He decided Hunter was correct, it was a perfect opportunity. It was time to activate the sleeper. Grand Admiral Admiral Ronin sat at the Communications Console and sent the activation code. Dancer was now active.

" It was time to strike back, not at the Rebels in general but at their High Command! " thought Ronin with a grim smile. "It was time for the universe to witness the might of the Empire!" He knew what he must do. He had the perfect unit for the job at hand. It was time to unleash the Dark Brotherhood. Again Ronin smiled, but it did not reach his eyes, they were filled with deadly intent. All Ronin could think of as he summoned Admiral Kane was "nothing can save the Rebels now!".