The Fleet Commander herein presents a list of ALL files attached to this Newsletter. It should be noted that they are listed in the order in which they were received by the Office of the Fleet Commander...



2) flt-man.wri 

3) trn-man.wri 

4) hmrb16m5.tie 

5) krett-1.tie 

6) hmrb29m1.tie


7) hmrb30m1.tie



8) tmbguide.hlp 

1) A file "package" ( created/edited by the Tactical Officer, AD Shekinah (TACT/AD Shekinah/CF-3/SSD Avr) which presents the first approved new fighter designed exclusively for the Emperor's Hammer, the Kuat Drive Yards A-9 Vigilance Interceptor. The ZIP contains the following files:

ship1.lfd - Ship ID file.

flight.ovl - Edited file which has the flight characteristics for the A-9 which

reflect the specifications presented in the Office of the Fleet Commander

Section of NL #22.

a9.txt - Brief directions for copying, playing and backup of files for the A-9.

hf2w.tie - A-9 Historical Mission #2

hf3m.tie - A-9 Historical Mission #3

hf4m.tie - A-9 Historical Mission #4


Note: Since ALL T-Fs in the game will have the edited flight characteristics (including your opponents!), the Member can reply ANY Mission featuring the T-F. Consequently, A-9 Historical Mission #1 is the same as T-F Historical Mission #1 (you're just flying a different fighter). To regain the use of the T-F just copy your original files back to their appropriate subdirectories.


2) The new Fleet Manual (flt-man.wri) for use with the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. This file presents the Fleet Order of Battle, details the history and specifications for every Capital Ship, and introduces 3 new Prototype Fighter Designs (that can actually be flown in TIE Fighter!) for the Hammer (The A-9, the Specter and the TIE Guardian). All Trainees and Members are requested to at least be familiar with its contents.


3) A revised Training Manual (trn-man.wri) revised to incorporate ALL restructuring recently completed in the Fleet. In addition, the Infiltrator Wing (IW) and the latest IW Training Manual is included here as well.


4) The final mission for RA Jac's (COM/RA Jac/SSD Avr) Battle 16 - Dacian's Downfall Battle....


5) Our first Free Mission (krett-1.tie) submitted from a non-aol internet EH Member...WC/LG Brett/ISD Van)...


6) Missions 1 and 3 (hmrb29m1.tie and hmrb29m2.tie) of GN Sabre's new Battle 29 - Communications Wars


7) The first 3 missions (hmrb30m1.tie, hmrb30m2.tie and hmrb30m3.tie) intitially created by VA Renegade (Commendation of Service to be sent to his widow, ShelySteel - CMDR/BG Steel/CRS Ren/IW) and revised/updated by RA Shekinah (TACT/RA Shekinah/CF-3/SSD Avr)...


8) A VERY helpful guide to debugging edited TIE missions using TMB...(tmbguide.hlp)...In addition, it may prove useful in using TIEDIT...This Help format file was created by RA Shekinah (TACT/RA Shekinah/CF-3/SSD Avr)...