The Dark Sentinel

Vol. I No. 20 (June 30, 1995)

PLT Daedalus in the Outer Rim Sector...The new Assault Support
Platform for the Emperor's Hammer TIE Strike Fleet...
(Photo: TREYNARD, 1995)


All Newsletters are being distributed in Object Packager format. Simply double-click on a Emperor's Hammer-specific icon to access the information contained therein...Please note that the Bylaws and Training Center Section of the Newsletters have been removed... Please refer to the Training Manual for additional general information...In addition, the Flight Officer has made some extensive changes to the Flight Roster Format...Any questions regarding the format and use of the interactive Newsletters should be directed to the Office of the Wing Commander @ GA Ronin.


The following presents articles and items of interest related to the Emperor's Hammer from all over the Empire, as published on the Imperial HoloNet.


Grand Admiral Ronin has gathered articles and submissions regarding development of the Emperor's Hammer. These include new Medals, Wing events, new missions, Battle Plotlines, etc. The Wing Commander wishes to emphasize that all development proposals for the Emperor's Hammer MUST be approved by the Wing Commander prior to release to the rest of the Wing.


The Squadron Ready Room posts the Battle Board, a chronological listing of all new Battles/Missions approved for use with the Emperor's Hammer. This also includes individual mission statuses, designer and high scoring pilot. Original/new TIE Fighter Mission File Names are also included in this Section. In addition, the Mission Control Center is included in this Section to provide direction on copying and playing the new missions as well as a recommended directory tree to store and organize the new missions


The Office of the Wing Commander periodically releases submissions by Command Officers and Squadron Commanders of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Office of the Wing commander herein posts comments, scores, etc. submitted by the Flight Leaders and Flight Members of the Emperor's Hammer. This area is restricted to submission from the Flight Leaders and Members. Squadron Commanders are asked to place their submissions in the Officer's Deck Section for Wing review.


The Office of the Wing Commander herein posts the offical General Pilot Roster for the Emperor's Hammer.


The Wing Commander, in recognition of the many efforts and contributions of the Emperor's Hammer Members, herein presents the Medal Board, the Medals of Honor and the Wing Commander's Honor Guard...


The Wing Commander provides the following Sections of the Newsletter for exclusive use of the approved Sub-Groups of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...


The Wing Commander presents the attached Section of the Newsletter for the exclusive use of Grand Master Kane and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion

The following Section of the Newsletter is for the exclusive use of the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion.

Bounty Hunters Guild

This Section of the Newsletter is dedicated to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.


The Office of the Wing Commander herein posts a listing description of all files attached to this Newsletter:


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The author of this newsletter may occasionally publish photographs or artwork submitted by a Member. The Wing Commander herein notifies all readers that the submitter of the artwork, graphic or photograph is responsible for notifying the Wing Commander of the origin of the picture so that proper credit may be given to its author. When the origin or author of a particular picture is not submitted, the Wing Commander will credit the sender of the same with his/her AOL Screen Name and date (month,year). Authors of original computer-generated artwork will also be so recognized in the picture caption.

Likewise, when written text is submitted for posting in the Newsletter, all submitters are reminded that credit must be given to its original author (if applicable) and the Wing Commander notified so that proper credit can be given in the Newsletter.

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