Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader,
addressing recently appointed
command officers of the Emperor's
Hammer in the Outer Rim Sector
(photo: Mundrath1, 7/4/90)


Wing Commander General Ronin informed members of the Imperial Press Corps that the Emperor's Hammer will be on training status slightly longer than anticipated. The official reason for delay of activation of the Strike Wing is to complete additional training exercises with other elements of Lord Vader's Strike Force. However, our sources have revealed that the Avenger Command Staff has had some difficulty with mission control upgrade (i.e. locating a mission editor). Any squadron members with knowledge of such a file are asked to contact the Wing Commander @ W Call.

However, important notices and events will continue to be reported to Squadron Members via the Newsletter. Newsletter No. 3 has already been completed and will be edited for release immediately following completion of all Squadron Commander and Wing Command appointments. Newsletter No. 4 has been started and could use submissions by Squadron Members. Direct all correspondence to the Office of the Wing Commander @ W Call.

Based upon statements from reliable personnel on board the Avenger, the Emperor's Hammer has initiated appointment of qualified Squadron Commanders. It should be noted that the Wing Commander maintains the highest expectations to continue filling all of the unit's positions with the highest caliber Imperial pilots available. All Imperial TIE Fighter pilots are invited to submit their pilot (*.tfr) files to the Wing Commander for review @ W Call and placement within the Wing.

The Office of the Wing Commander would like to extend congratulatulations to General Peter Papp and General Cli4ord on their appointments as Beta and Delta Squadron Commanders, respectively. General Peter Papp has the honor of being First Pilot of the Emperor's Hammer. In addition, General Cli4ord has been appointed as Tactical Officer for the Emperor's Wing and will also be acting on behalf of the Wing Commander as official liason to the Imperial Navy (found on AOL under Flight Sim Organizations).

As detailed in the following Imperial Memorandum issued by Grand Admiral Thrawn, four Wing Command positions within the Emperor's Hammer have been posted for appointment. These four officers will have the honor of directing the mission and personnel development of the Emperor's Hammer. In addition, these officers will be selected from the Squadron Commander applicants and will hold the highest command positions within the Wing. Potential applicants are invited to submit their petitions to Wing Commander General Ronin @ W Call. Applicants should note that the four Wing Command positions may require significant off-line effort in helping to develop and organize the Emperor's Hammer. It should also be noted that the Wing Command Officers are also Squadron Commanders and will thus be assigned within their specific squadrons as pilots.


In a recent statement to the Imperial Press Corps, Wing Commander General Ronin posted the following Imperial Memorandum for all Wing Members:


TO: All members of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing
STATION: Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger
FROM: Grand Admiral Thrawn
DATE: January 4, 1995
RE: Command Appointments

It is with great honor that I promote the following individuals to positions of Squadron Commander within the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing. Their consistent valiant service to the Empire has awarded them the honor of squadron command within the Emperor's Hammer. By order of the Imperial Navy and the authority accorded me by Emperor Palpatine, I herein post the following:

ALPHA SQUADRON (Command/Strike)
General William "Ronin" Call (W Call)

BETA SQUADRON (Elite Strike)
General Peter Papp (Peter Papp)

GAMMA SQUADRON (Close Support)
To Be Assigned

General Cli4ord (Cliffy369)

To Be Assigned

To Be Assigned

The files of the pilots listed above have been reviewed personally by myself and Wing Commander General Ronin and have been certified for Active Command Status within the Emperor's Hammer. It is anticipated that these exemplary starfighter pilots will continue to serve the Empire to the best of their ability in their new positions.

These officers will have the authority to sign and seal all Imperial correspondence with their new Squadron Command Titles and shall be granted all rights and priviledges accordingly.

In addition, the following Wing Command positions are posted for administration of the Emperor's Hammer. Their command orders are to be executed with the authority of the Wing Commander. These positions each entail specific areas of responsibility and command and are presented in order of command, as follows:

WING COMMANDER: General Ronin (W Call)
(commander, overall wing administration/development and
generation of Emperor's Hammer newsletters)

(second in command, strategic command and wing development)

(Mission planning/control)

(Pilot recruitment and maintenance of wing roster)

These officers will have the authority to sign and seal all Imperial correspondence with their new Wing Command Titles and shall be granted all rights and priviledges accordingly.

Congratulations and may victory greet our forces...

Long live Palpatine...

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Wing Commander's Note: The Emperor's Hammer squadron command listing will be updated in all subsequent Emperor's Hammer Newsletters. The appointments for the remaining Squadron Commander and Wing Command positions shall be posted pending receipt of additional applicant pilot (*.tfr) files and their review by Grand Admiral Thrawn and General Ronin.


According to recently released intelligence reports, the units of the Rebel Alliance and former Admiral Zaarin defeated during the Nami uprising are currently in a state of chaos. Apparently, these units have been reduced to dangerously low personnel and equipment levels. In addition, the Rebel command structure has been fragmented. Based upon the best Imperial estimates, the Rebel Alliance will not be able to field fleet size deployments for the near future. However, all squadron members are reminded that the Rebels seem to excel at guerilla warfare. Accordingly, Wing Commander General Ronin has stated that he will not relax current patrol rotations for the Emperor's Hammer pilots.


Elements of Tau Squadron
during training exercises with
elements of the Emperor's Hammer
and the Executor Wing
(photo: TIE Fighter - LucasArts, 1994)


In a recent announcement to the Imperial Press Corps, Wing Commander General Ronin extended greetings to the newly formed Imperial Navy Covert Action Group/Executor Wing. Following conclusion of the Inter Strike Force training exercises (Operation Anvil) in an unspecified location in the Outer Rim Sector, General Ronin held a reception on board the Avenger for General Zachary Slaton, recently appointed Commanding Officer of Executor Wing. Although an obvious rivalry had developed between junior officers during the training exercises, both units seemed to form a bond almost immediately. Their purpose was clear...unification under Lord Vader as the most respected fighting force in the Imperial Navy.

Based upon statements recently released by the new Commanding Officer, the new wing is stationed on Lord Vader's personal flagship Executor. The "Executor Wing" will be one of four special operations wings comprising Lord Vader's new Covert Action Group. The Executor Wing has been training in secret unspecified locations lately. However, sources on the Executor have stated that the Wing is performing training and special operations exercises in the latest TIE fighters and captured Rebel craft. One can only guess as to what Lord Vader has in store for the Executor Wing. Good luck,'ll need it!

In addition, greetings are also extended to elements of The Imperial Navy, Tau Squadron, an elite assault gunboat squadron, and the Emperor's Secret Order. All of these units performed with great skill and honor during the recent training exercises


In order to maintain the high quality of Newsletter graphics, the Office of the Wing Commander invites all squadron members with freelance photographs (i.e. Star Wars or TIE fighter related *.BMP or *.GIF files) to contact General Ronin @ W Call.


The Imperial Naval Command officially announced the transfer of Admiral Stephan Strand, Commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger. Apparently, Admiral Strand did not vector the Avenger to the proper coordinates during the recently concluded wargame/training exercises. According to Lord Vader's staff, Admiral Strand will be "transferred" to Tatooine for garrison command. However, anonymous sources have verified that Admiral Strand is putting his personal affairs in order, should he not complete the journey to his new command. In the interim, Vice Admiral Conor Galland has "volunteered" to temporarily command the Avenger, pending selection of a qualified replacement.

Admiral Stephan Strand reportedly was the veteran of many engagements with both Rebel Alliance and pirate forces during the recent Nami uprising. In addition, Admiral Strand was an honored graduate of the Imperial Naval War College at Coruscant and received his command following engagements with Rebel forces during the Battle of Yavin. Admiral Strand is survived by his wife Brianna and three sons...

Personal log entry of Admiral
Stephan Strand prior to
Battle of Yavin
(photo: PCCJohn, 8/30/88)

The Emperor's Hammer wishes Admiral Strand luck on his journey and new command.

Long live Emperor Palpatine...

Wing Commander General William "Ronin" Call
Emperor's Hammer
Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger