Emperor's Hammer Training Squadron

Platform Daedalus, Outer Rim Sector


To: All Emperor's Hammer Trainees

From: PLT Daedalus Training Center, Outer Rim

Rear Admiral Jedgar Paladin, Training Officer

Re: Indoctrination


Welcome to the Imperial Navy... Some of you are new to the service of the Emperor, and some of you are already naval officers whose success and loyalty have earned you the right to join the elite Emperor's Hammer wing. It does not matter, because here you are all equal. Rewards await those who serve the Emperor well. Will you be one of the lucky few?

 There is a lot of general information presented below on the structure and organization of the ever-expanding Emperor's Hammer. Even Hammer veterans are advised to periodically read the contents herein, as they are under constant revision.


The Emperor's Hammer is a tightly run military organization. Our survival and success depend on your ability to follow the orders of your superiors unquestioningly. A full Flight Roster will accompany this document, but here are the command officers (in their command order):

Command Officers

Wing Commander (CF-1): Grand Admiral Ronin (GA Ronin)/Commander of SSD Avenger

Executive Officer (CF-2): Vice Admiral Renegade (Pappy Rene)/Commander of VSD Monitor

Tactical Officer (CF-3): Vice Admiral Adams (VAdmAdams)/Commander of VSD Formidable

Flight Officer (CF-4): Vice Admiral Stelek (ASutton348)/Commander of TFC Roxanna

Training Officer (CF-5): Rear Admiral Paladin (Mstr Jdi)/Commander of M/INT Harpax II

Operations Officer (CF-6): Rear Admiral Shekinah (Shekinah)/Commander of M/FRG Imperator

Communications Officer (CF-7): Vice Admiral Shawshank (Quackodile)/Commander of M/FRG Ardent


Sub Group Commanders

Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood: Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR)/Commander of PLT Daedalus

Bounty Hunter's Guild Grand Master: Guild Grand Master Jedi (Capt Jedi)

First Platoon Commander/Hammer's Fist: Lieutenant Blaster (Blaster265)/Commander of LCF Excelsior

Viper Group Commander: Rear Admiral Maniac (RAdmManiac)/Commander of VSD Ravager


Support Staff

Wing Commander's Assistant: Brigadier General Havoc (Gen Havoc)

Medical Officer: Brigadier General Nemesis (Thrawn 96)

Flight Nurse: General Sugar (SweetBrina)

Executive Assistant: Rear Admiral Shekinah (Shekinah)

First Tactical Assistant: Brigadier General Wedge (TIEWedge)

Second Tactical Assistant: Brigadier General Sten (Gen Sten)

First Training Assistant: General Quailman (Rink Rat13)

Second Training Assistant: General Strife (Gen Strife)


Squadron Commanders

SSD Avenger

Alpha Commander: General Talon (Bamwolf)

Beta Commander: General Jac (JACtRip583/Jac)

Gamma Commander: General Strife (Gen Strife)

Delta Commander: General Lucas (MarkFlux)

Epsilon Commander: General Andrew (Barnacleez)

Lambda Commander: Brigadier General Havoc (Gen Havoc)

Kappa Squadron: General Buddy (ROM MOHC)

Psi Squadron: Brigadier General Jedi (Jedi 1137)

Rho Squadron: Brigadier General Nemesis (Thrawn 96)

Sigma Squadron: Lieutenant General Moldman (ScotP)

Tau Squadron: TBA

Theta Squadron: General Yoni (LTSaber/Yoni)


VSD Formidable

Mu Commander: TBA

Nu Commander: General Crandall (DarkToeJam)


VSD Monitor

Pi Commander: Brigadier General Sten (Genrl Sten)

Phi Commander: General Goatboy (THXGoatBoy)


VSD Ravager

Viper Commander: General Laita1 (Laita1)

Omicron Squadron: General SFunaro (SFunaro)


TFC Roxanna

Iota Commander: Brigadier General Wedge (TIEWedge)


Training PLT Daedalus

Zeta Commander: Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR)


Imperial Advisors

ISB Liason Officer/Counselor: General Johann Kane (No pilot position in the Wing)

Dark Brotherhood Liason Officer: Brigadier General Paladin (Mstr Jdi)

Rebel Strategy Specialist: General Dude (Alenz59)

Internet Liason Officer: Lieutenant General Moldman (ScotP)



In light of recent correspondence with representatives of the AOL Staff, all Wing members and Trainees are herein advised of the Positions within the Emperor's Hammer and their respective duties and responsibilities. A Member's Position within the Wing shall govern their "status" in the command structure. Ranks, as detailed below, are primarily symbolic. All Wing Members and Trainees are further advised that they shall follow the chain of command with requests, comments and suggestions. For example, if a Flight Member makes a request, he would first contact his Flight Leader, who would in turn contact the Squadron Commander if he couldn't answer the request. Likewise, information will be distributed from the Command Officers through the Squadron Commanders to individual Members. The Command Staff should only be contacted in cases of arbitration or if a final decision is required. The Wing Commander wishes to stress however that his office is always open to Wing Members who have specific or confidential requests or questions...

Wing Commander (WC) - The Wing Commander is the Club Manager and overall "leader" of the Emperor's Hammer. The WC is the one and only official liason to AOL Flight Sim Resource Center Staff. In addition, the WC's decision on ANY matter in the Wing is final. It should be stressed, however, that the WC will endeavor to obtain all the facts from all parties involved (including Squadron Commander recommendations) prior to making final decisions or arbitrations. The Wing Commander is the ONLY Officer in the Wing who may make Command Officer/Squadron Commander appointments, Medal Awards and Rank promotions above General. All Battle plotlines and overall Wing development ideas must be approved by the Wing Commander prior to release to the rest of the Wing. Finally, only those announcements posted in the biweekly Newsletters shall be considered final approved postings (those placed in the AOL Message Folder or on the WWW Home Page are proposed or pending, unless otherwise stated by the WC).

Executive Officer (XO) - Contributes to development and management of the Wing (accepts all written fictional submissions from Members for the Newsletters prior to Wing Commander review and approval). The XO is the Second in Command of the Wing.

Tactical Officer (TACT) - evaluates new missions and Battles, reports mission reviews to Wing Commander (accepts and reviews all Battle/Mission ideas prior to Wing Commander review). The TACT is the Third in Command of the Wing.

Flight Officer (FLT OFF) - Roster development and maintenance. Appoints positions to those pilots approved by the Training Officer as Members or Trainees, as appropriate. The FLT OFF is the Fourth in Command of the Wing.

Training Officer (TO) - The Training Officer receives all new pilot applications and files for initial review into the Hammer. In addition, it is the function of the Training Officer (and his Training Assistants) to assure that Trainees stationed on the PLT Daedalus complete their training for full acceptance into the Emperor's Hammer. The TO is traditionally a Dark Brotherhood Adept or Grand Master who periodically selects exceptional Trainees for "special training" in the Dark Side (i.e. as a Dark Brotherhood Member as well as an Emperor's Hammer Member). The TO is Fifth in Command of the Wing.

Operations Officer (OPS) - The Operations Officer is responsible for the research and development of new fighter craft designs and artwork of the Emperor's Hammer. In addition, the Operations Officer has an important decision in which materiels are utilized for a particular mission or Battle. This could include overall strategy, fighter requisitions, assigning attack patterns, etc...The Operations Officer will now handle all duties previously assigned to the Imperial Propaganda Officer (IPO). All Newsletter submissions for artwork or pictures should also be reviewed by the OPS prior to submission to the Wing Commander for posting in the Newsletters. The OPS is Sixth in Command of the Wing.

Communications Officer (COMM) - The COMM is primarily responsible for scanning the various Internet utilities online to identify new Members, connections, graphics, WWW sites, FTP sites, etc. which may prove useful to the Wing. The COMM is Seventh in Command of the Wing.


In keeping with its ever growing nature, the Emperor's Hammer has begun to accept transfers from other TIE related wings and clubs. These organizations will be referred to as sub-groups within the Emperor's Hammer. Each is led by a Command Rank Officer who reports only to the Wing Commander. Important Emperor's Hammer correspondence and the Newsletters will be E-Mailed to the leaders of these groups for distribution to their clubs. Each of these organizations, although a part of the Hammer, still retain their own roster and development strategies. Each Sub Group and its Members swear fealty to the goals of the Emperor's Hammer and will abide by its Bylaws. Currently, there are three approved Sub-Groups within the Emperor's Hammer, the Dark Brotherhood, the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion, and the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Although the Viper Group is listed below as a Sub-Group, it will require more Members to officially be activated as such.

Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood (GRAND) - The Dark Brotherhood Grand Master (DK LRD VDR) retains total independent control over the Dark Brotherhood (DB). The Dark Brotherhood is intricately entwined with the Emperor's Hammer and is more than a sub-group, it is a sister organization. The DB is devoted to the mystical teachings of the Dark Side of the Force and its Members are personally selected from the ranks of the Emperor's Hammer to join as a Dark Jedi Apprentice. Consequently, the Dark Brotherhood complements the Emperor's Hammer. There are no restrictions on Members of one club joining the other since the Dark Brotherhood represents more of a "secret society" than a distinct military unit. A presentation of the Dark Brotherhood Ranks follows in subsequent portions of this document.

Bounty Hunters' Guild Grand Master (GMSTR) - The Grand Master of the Bounty Hunters' Guild is the overall leader of the newest approved Sub-Group for the Emperor's Hammer. The Guild is a group of Bounty Hunters that are directed to capture various "Targets" in individual Missions assigned by the Wing Commander or the Guild Grand Master. The first Bounty Hunter who successfully captures the Target (i.e. E-Mails the WC and GMSTR) with the "Target" answer), wins the monetary "Prize". Successful gaining of Prizes dictates a Guild Member's overall Caste Position within the Guild. A full description of the Guild is presented in the Bounty Hunter's Guild Section of this Newsletter.

First Platoon Commander/Hammer's Fist (PC/PLAT-1) - The PC of the First Platoon (more Platoon Commanders will be appointed later) is responsible for the efficient operation of the First Platoon of Zero-G Spacetroopers attached to the Emperor's Hammer. The PC will keep the Roster of the First Platoon and periodically submit the same to the Flight Officer for inclusion in the Flight Roster. The Hammer's Fist Platoon Commanders report directly to the Wing Commander.

Viper Group Commander (VGC)- As presented in Newsletter No. 14, the Viper Wing of the First Fleet has announced their intention to transfer to the Emperor's Hammer from another AOL Forum. Consequently, the Wing Commander has offered their leader, Rear Admiral Maniac (VAdmManiac) the temporary position of Viper Group Commander on board the VSD Ravager (2 TIE Squadrons) in the Emperor's Hammer. The Viper Group will initially consist entirely of Members that Admiral Maniac recruits. It should be noted that, although Rear Admiral Maniac currently commands the VSD Ravager, he does not hold a Command Officer Position or a permanent Sub-Group Commander Position within the Emperor's Hammer.


The following Positions were created to aid the Command Officers in their daunting task of day to day management of the Wing. The Support Positions presented below are the Assistants and Medical Staff that keep the Emperor's Hammer running. Although their Positions do not afford them any additional overall duties or prestige within the Wing, they do denote authority in their particular area of expertise. For example, absent the word of a Command Officer, an Assistant may render rulings and arbitrate disputes in their fields (i.e. The Tactical Assistants could answer questions related to missions or Battles, the Training Assistant aids in pilot file reviews, the Wing Commander's Assistant distributes Medal Award Certificates, etc...). It should be noted that the Command Officer in a particular department (i.e. Executive, Tactical, Flight , Training or Operations Officers) is SOLELY responsible for choosing his Assistant(s). This may be done subjectively or arbitrarily, with the Wing Commander's authority, at the particular Command Officer's discretion.

Wing Commander's Assistant (WCA) - Assists the Wing Commander in the distribution of Medal Award Certificates, Newsletters and other important Wing correspondence.

Executive Assistant (XA) - Assists the XO in reviewing and making recommendations on specific Member submissions.

First Tactical Assistant (TA1) - Aids the TACT in the review and playtesting of submitted missions.

Second Tactical Assistant (TA2) - Aids the TACT in the review and playtesting of submitted missions.

First Training Assistant (TRA1) - The TRA1 aids the Training Officer in his review of pilot file submissions and answering applicant questions.

Second Training Assistant (TRA2) - The TRA2 aids the Training Officer in his review of pilot file submissions and answering applicant questions.

Medical Officer (MO) - Although primarily an honorary and symbolic position in an online club, the MO may contribute fictional stories and provide feedback to the Wing Commander, as appropriate. In addition, the MO may make recommendations to the WC to ground, suspend or expel a particularly abusive or unruly Member for "medical reasons". The Medical Officer has also been charged with monitoring the Emperor's Hammer related AOL Message Boards for possible TOS violations which may endanger the existence of these boards. The current MO is General Nemesis (Thrawn 96).

Flight Nurse (FN) - The FN is currently a symbolic position in the Wing. It is currently held by the daughter of the late General Roxy and Vice Admiral Renegade (GN SweetBrina).


Squadron Commander (CMDR) - Manages the day to day operations of their Squadron. This includes continuous contact with Squadron Members and internal decisions on Squadron positions. The CMDRs also must review battle and mission performance files sent in from Squadron Members and make recommendations to the Wing Commander for Medal awards and/or promotions. It should be noted that the Wing Commander allows CMDRs a great deal of latitude in "customizing" their Squadrons to its own particular talents. The Emperor has made it clear that he wants the Emperor's Hammer Squadrons to retain an unprecedented individuality and flexibility in order to deal with upcoming Rebel threats in the years ahead. Consequently, CMDRs are encouraged to take advantage of this. However, the basic "Chain of Command" and Squadron Names/Designations may not be altered for obvious reasons.

Flight Leader (FLT LDR) - The Flight Leader serves an important role in maintaining communication and order within a particular Flight in a Squadron. The FLT LDR is the leader of three other Flight Members. He maintains contact with his Flight Members and makes recommendations to the Squadron Commander regarding indivual Flight Member performance. In addition, the FLT LDR is the first person a Flight Member should go with a request or question.

Flight Member (FLT MBR) - The Flight Member is a highly trained TIE Fighter Pilot. Having met its rigorous training and entrance requirements, these elite TIE Pilots have been assigned to the elite Emperor's Hammer TIE Strike Fleet. FLT MBRs comprise approximately 3/4 of the Flight Roster Positions. FLT MBRs submissions regarding new mission or battle ideas are highly encouraged. In addition, a Flight Member is encouraged to contact their immediate superiors with any questions or suggestions for improving the Hammer. The primary duty of the FLT MBR is to stay informed by reading the Newsletters, playing new missions, getting Medals, posting on the Message Board (if so desired) and generally having fun.


Within the Emperor's Hammer, there are several "advisory positions" which hold no actual power or command responsibilities within the Wing. These positions entail primarily providing their advice within their areas of expertise to the Wing Commander. On rare occasions, these Advisors may provide recommendations to other Wing Members, as appropriate. It should be noted that the Advisors may or may not actually be Members of the Emperor's Hammer. All Advisors, in their liaison capacities, report directly to the Wing Commander and to no other Officer in the Wing...

ISB Liaison Officer/Counselor (ISBLO) - The ISBLO is the Counselor to the Wing Commander on the development of the overall plot/story line for the Emperor's Hammer. The ISBLO's contributions include fictional character development and target objectives for the Hammer. The current ISBLO is a personal offline friend of the WC.

 Dark Brotherhood Liaison Officer (DBLO) - The DBLO is the primary contact for the Emperor's Hammer with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Traditionally, the DBLO also serves as the Training Officer or a Training Assistant. The Wing Commander has granted the DBLO the authority to screen out new recruits for further Dark Side training in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

 Rebel Strategy Specialist (RSS) - The RSS has the duty to maintain current on the status of Rebel Activities online. In addition, the RSS is the primary Emperor's Hammer contact with the AOL Rebel Organizations. This could include the design of X-Wing missions for the Rebels to play. The Rebels are also reportedly designing TIE missions for the Emperor's Hammer Members to fly.

 Internet Liaison Officer (ILO) - The ILO is directly responsible for the new Emperor's Hammer WWW Home Page. In addition, the ILO will periodically receive inquiries to join the EH from Internet users from all over the world...New Applicants shall be forwarded to the FLT OFF for processing...


Although a Member's overall position within the Wing will be ENTIRELY determined by his or her Position, the following military Ranks are presented below to further stratify the Hammer (and give something for Members to strive for). The Position of a Member will ALWAYS take precedence over conflicting Ranks (i.e. a FLT MBR who is a Brigadier General DOES NOT outrank a FLT LDR who is a General...although this would rarely occur). The primary use of the Ranks will be to determine minimum standards for the various Positions.

The promotion of Members of the Emperor's Hammer above the Rank of General is by Order of the Wing Commander only. These Ranks will be conferred based upon the amount of effort contributed by the Member to the Wing and recommendations from his or her superior officer (if appropriate). The Ranks of General and below may be conferred by individual Command Officers or Squadron Commanders, as appropriate. However, the Wing Commander and Flight Officer must be advised of such promotions so that the Flight Roster can be so amended.

Although the Ranks may seem "top heavy", this is due to the fact that ALL Members may retain their final military ranks from the TIE Fighter Game and DOE Expansion Disk. Neither the Wing Commander, nor any other Command Officer, will be demoting new recruits to "fit the Hammer sructure"...Consequently, there are many General and Admiral rank designations for pilots to achieve. It should also be noted that the only a relatively small percentage of the hammer Members will be obtaining the Ranks above General and the Ranks are primarily symbolic more than functional. The approved military Ranks for the Emperor's Hammer are as follows:

Command Ranks

Grand Admiral

Fleet Admiral


Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral

Line Ranks

Major General

Lieutenant General

Brigadier General



Lieutenant Colonel





(Flight Officer)

(Flight Cadet)

( ) - Denotes Ranks are that are below the minimum entrance requirements for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing.


Below are listed the Command Ranks for the Emperor's Hammer. Only the Wing Commander may appoint ranks of Brigadier General and above.

Grand Admiral (GA) - A Grand Admiral will often command a Territorial Fleet or administer the functions of several Sector Fleets. There are are 12 such positions in the Imperial Navy at any one time. A GA commands much respect in the Imperial Navy and his requests carry great weight. With Grand Admiral Thrawn's recent departure to the Unknown Regions with the majority of the Territorial Fleet, the Emperor has promoted Ronin to the rank of Grand Admiral (the "13th Grand Admiral") to fulfill Thrawn's duties in the Empire and to lead the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The rank of Grand Admiral is obviously not given lightly by the Emperor. It is awarded only to those that have shown exemplary personal service to the Emperor. In the Emperor's Hammer, Grand Admiral Ronin is the sole Leader and Club Manager of the Wing (as recognized by AOL). The Emperor's Hammer is not run by democracy, but rather military style dictates.

Fleet Admiral (FA) - Admirals who have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to succeed are promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral. These officers will typically command large Sector Fleets, command other large Wings or Clubs associated with the Emperor's Hammer. There are currently no Fleet Admirals in the Emperor's Hammer.

Admiral (AD) - An AD will generally lead a Sector Fleet or a few smaller Fleets in the protection of a Sector. An Admiral may also command small Clubs associated with the Emperor's Hammer. Admiral Kane (Lord Kane of the Dark Brotherhood) is currently the only Admiral in the Emperor's Hammer Fleet.

Vice Admiral (VA) - A Vice Admiral will typically command a small Fleet or a garrision on a large industrial world.

Rear Admiral (RA) - A Rear Admiral rank will awarded to Emperor's Hammer Brigadier Generals (i.e. Squadron Commanders) who have exemplified themselves in their duties. Rear Admirals are expected to start helping with day to day administration of the Wing in their particular area of expertise. In addition, Rear Admiral is the minimum rank required in the Emperor's Hammer to command a capital ship or hold a Command Officer Position.


Line Ranks represent those normally achieved by Members of the Emperor's Hammer. These Ranks will typically be held by Members who remain active in the Wing but perform few or no command functions. Consequently, it is anticipated that ~90%-95% of the Members will not advance beyond Line Ranks to Command Ranks.

Major General (MG) - The highest rank a Squadron Commander can achieve. This is also the highest rank an active TIE pilot may acheive in the Hammer prior to taking on administrative responsibilities.

Lieutenant General (LG) - Highest rank a Flight Leader can achieve.

Brigadier General (BG) - Highest rank a Flight Member can achieve. Interim rank between General and the higher general rankings. Brigadier Generals are expected to begin helping their Squadron Commanders, administratively, if appropriate.

General (GN) - Minimum rank required to command a Squadron or to hold an Advisory or Auxiliary Position.

Colonel - (COL) - Minimum rank required to be a Flight Leader. Typically held by Hammer Members completing their training on the PLT Daedalus.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) - Interim rank typically held by Hammer Members completing their training on the PLT Daedalus.

Major (MAJ) - Interim rank typically held by Hammer Members completing their training on the PLT Daedalus.

Commander (CM) - Minimum rank allowed for entry into the Emperors' Hammer Strike Fleet.

 Honor Guard of the Wing Commander

For Squadron Members (this EXCLUDES the Command Officers) who serve exceptionally well, the following presents a proposed "honor roll"....similar to the Secret Order Rankings, but, well, different! It should be noted that the Honor Guard ranks are not shown on the ID Lines as they are honorary Titles only...Any Wing Member obtaining these Titles (from the Wing Commander!) will be listed in the Medal Board Section of the Newsletters and have the right to include their Titles in official Hammer Correspondence.

At the suggestion of the Flight Officer, the Wing Commander has adopted the Honor Guard Ranks detailed below to reward those Members who show exemplary service and dedication in the completion of multiple Emperor's Hammer approved Battles and Free Missions. An Honor Guard Member need only be a an Active Member of the Emperor's Hammer and have completed the Battle and Mission requirements detailed below to be recommended for an appointment.

The completed requirements shall be confirmed by the Wing Commander personally. "Battles" indicates those battles that have been completely built. Consequently, the Honor Guard Rank of Fusilier is the highest any Member may currently obtain (since only 7 battles, Nos. 5, 9, 10, 11, 19, 23 and 24 have been fully completed). As with Medal Awards, the Wing Commander will strongly weigh the recommendations of a Member's Squadron Commander when awarding these Titles...

Dragoon - For completion of any ten battles of the EH, plus any six "free" missions.

Fusilier - For completion of any six battles of the EH, plus any three "free" missions.

Hussar - For completion of any four battles of the EH, plus any "free" mission.

Lancer - For completion of any two battles of the EH.

Grenadier - For completion of any battle of the EH.


FLT OFF/VA Stelek/CF-4/TFC Roxanna


All Emperor's Hammer Members are requested to use the ID Line system, as detailed below, in all official Hammer correspondence for identification purposes. The use of the ID Lines will help all of us quickly identify the author of a particular message. In addition, the Wing Commander requests that all Members stick to the format presented below to maintain consistency within the Wing.


The Primary Position designations are (denote "Position" in the Wing):


WC - Wing Commander (CF-1)

XO - Executive Officer (CF-2)

TACT - Tactical Officer (CF-3)

FLT OFF - Flight Officer (CF-4)

TO - Training Officer (CF-5)

OPS - Operations Officer (CF-6)

COMM - Communications Officer (CF-7)

Sub Group Commands

GRAND - Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood

GMSTR - Bounty Hunters' Guild Grand Master

PC/PLAT-1 - First Platoon Commander/Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion

VGC - Viper Group Commander


CMDR - Squadron Commander

FLT LDR - Flight Leader

FLT MBR - Flight Member


CF - Command Flight Members (Emperor's Hammer Command Officer Positions)

The Auxiliary Position Designations are (denote additional Wing functions):

WCA - Wing Commander's Assistant

XA - Executive Assistant

TA1 - First Tactical Assistant

TA2 - Second Tactical Assistant

TRA1 - First Training Assistant

TRA1 - Second Training Assistant

MO - Medical Officer

FN - Flight Nurse

ISBLO - ISB Liason Officer

DBLO - Dark Brotherhood Liason Officer

RSS - Rebel Strategy Specialist

ILO - Internet Liason Officer


The Rank Designations are:

GA - Grand Admiral

FA - Fleet Admiral

AD - Admiral

VA - Vice Admiral

RA - Rear Admiral

MG - Major General

LG - Lieutenant General

BG - Brigadier General

GN - General

COL - Colonel

LC - Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ - Major

CM - Commander

Other Ranks (Below the minimum entrance requirements for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet)

CP - Captain

LT - Lieutenant

FO - Flight Officer

FC - Flight Cadet


Capital Ship Designations:

SSD Avr - SSD Avenger

VSD For - VSD Formidable

VSD Mon - VSD Monitor

VSD Rav - VSD Ravager

TFC Rox - TFC Roxanna

LCF Exc - LCF Excelsior

PLT Daed - PLT Daedalus

M/FRG Imp - FRG Imperator

M/FRG Ard - FRG Ardent

M/INT Hpx - INT Harpax II

The following will specify the complete ID Line for Member use:

Position (-Auxiliary Position)/ Rank & Name / Flight / Mother Ship

i.e. "Squadron Commander-First Tactical Assistant - Rebel Strategy Specialist, General Wayne, Iota-1 Flight, TFC Roxanna" would be specified as:

CMDR-TA1-RSS/GN Wayne/Iota-1/TFC Rox

It should be noted that the Command Officers will use their Command Flight Designation (i.e. CF-1, CF-2, etc.), depending on their position within this flight.


In order to help you understand the objectives of each squadron, here is a detailed outline of each:

Assault: To assault and assist in capture of heavily defended objectives.

Heavy Assault: Same as for Assault, above, but if they can NOT perform their primary objectives (i.e. assist in capture) then they are to DESTROY their target[s].

  Close Support: Similar to Assault, but to assist strike squadrons in the DESTRUCTION of their targets, by drawing enemy fire and providing precise counterfire.

LR Support: To provide long range missile fire to other Squadrons, when they attack lightly shielded targets (or those with massed fighter defenses); OR to provide point-blank bombing support against heavily shielded targets (or those with minimal fighter defenses).

Strike: To attack and destroy all enemy craft (unless otherwise ordered).

Interdiction: To eliminate a targets capability to flee, in any manner possible, up to and including destruction of the target.(The only good rebel is a dead one!). It might also be necessary to inspect an unknown (but suspect) flight group to determine which, if any, targets should be prepped for capture/disablement (ALWAYS preferable to destruction).

Recon: To locate and inspect any craft in an area and stop (IF necessary) until reinforcements can arrive to assist in capture/destruction, OR to probe a known targets defenses (RE:Enemy!) in preparation for further action by the Wing.

Escort: To protect ALL designated Flight Groups from unfriendly fire.

Training: To provide the Emperors' Hammer Strike Force with a steady supply of replacement (+ new) pilots trained in ALL Imperial craft.

Deep Strike: To launch suprise attacks DEEP in enemy held territory, and assault locales where either (A) The Strike Force cannot go, (B) The Strike Force can go but would be in extreme risk of destruction/capture; OR (1) Assist other Imperial Forces when the Wing is otherwise engaged, (2) Once particular individuals/ship targets have been identified by Wing Command but cannot be reached through normal means, LAUNCH AND STRIKE!, and (3) Assist Recon by providing reinforcements, if available...

Pacification: This squadrons mission is perhaps the hardest one to define, as it does not always operate within the bounds of known Imperial law. This squadron assists the ISB whenever ordered to do so by the ISB Liason Officer. Whenever a planet has been deemed in rebellion, it is assessed for its potential worth to the empire. This is where the Pacification Squadron comes in: If the planet is

NO Tworthless (Naval vessels will reduce such a planet to dust with Orbital Bombardment), nor highly worthwhile (in terms of sheer population [slave world] or industry [peripheral damage by starfighters is NOT looked upon kindly] but excluding worlds with a small population but high concentrations of valuable ores, which WOULD be pacified, as planetary bombardment tends to irradiate planets....) THEN and only then will the PacSqd be brought in to launch terror strikes, reduce a population to the most barren of lives, destroy industries key to the inhabitants but worthless to the Empire, etc...If they are not successful in their mission, then more drastic measures might be taken (RE: Orbital Bombardment anyway, or use of such devices as the Orbital Nightcloak.) Their secondary objectives are to assist planetary garrisons in keeping a occupied world pacified, Army units engaged in "mop-up" operations, and if not engaged, to serve as the Emperors' Hammer Strike Forces' reserve starfighter squadron (similar to the Deep Strike Squadron, see above).


(Taken from NL 1)

The missions that Emperor's Hammer run will typically include VIP escort, Facility/capital

ship interception, strike and defense missions.

It should be noted that since most Emperor's Hammer Members have flown all missions in the original TIE Fighter and Defender of the Empire expansion disk, the Emperor's Hammer plotline begins following their completion. However, as missions dictate, some will be flown utilizing the standard fighter complement in the original TIE fighter game.

In keeping with the strict dictates of Emperor Palpatine and the Inner Circle

of the Secret Order, certain minimum skill levels will be required to maintain the

Wing Structure. Consequently, Wing Members will have to meet the following minimum skill levels:


Squadron Commander

Training Patches in ALL fighter craft

Gold Combat Medallions in ALL fighter craft

Rank of General

Medals for completed Battle Nos. 1 through 7

Member of Inner Circle of Emperor's Secret Order

500,000 points

250 kills


Flight Leader

Training Patches in ALL fighter craft

Gold Combat Medallions in all fighter craft but the Missile Boat (Silver)

Rank of Colonel

Medals for completed Battle Nos. 1 through 7

Member of 4th Circle of Emperor's Secret Order

250,000 points

150 kills


Flight Member

Training Patches in all fighter craft but Missile Boat

Gold Combat Medallions in all fighter craft but the Missile Boat(Bronze) and the T/D(Silver)

Rank of Commander

Medals for completed Battle Nos. 1 through 7

Member of 2nd Circle of Emperor's Secret Order

100,000 points

50 kills


 Prospective Applicants...Please submit pilot (*.tfr) files by AOL E-Mail to the Flight Officer (Ketri5), the Training Officer (Mstr Jdi) for verification.


 The Tactical Officer has proposed the following Imperial Navy Pilot Record for Members

and applicants of the Emperor's Hammer. This will provide our central archives with

information on each Member and each new applicant to the Emperor's Hammer. In addition, the Wing Commander will occasionally post completed Imperial Navy Pilot Records in the Newsletters. Submission of this form is voluntary and non-submission will in no way reflect poorly against entrance or continued Membership in the Hammer.


Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Personal Background information

(Imperial Security Bureau)




Scandoc Transmission Code(Screen name):



Date of Birth:

Place of Birth(Please include Homeworld):

Marital Status(Single,Married,Divorced,Separated):



Social Status(Destitute,Poor,Well-to-do,Wealthy,Nobility):

Significant Events of Childhood & Adolescence:




Significant Events of Adulthood:




Alignment & Attitude:



Former Occupations(if any):










Phobias & Allergies:



Personal views of the Empire(and Emperor's Hammer):





Reason for applying to the Emperor's Hammer Elite Strike Force:







Other comments or information(optional):







I hereby confirm that the above information is legitimate and accurate to the best of my knowledge.






cc: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Liason Officer