TO-DBLO/RA Paladin/CF-5/INT Hpx


Proposed Upgrade

M/INT Harpax II

Interdictor Class Cruiser
(Photo: E-Mailed by Mstr Jdi, 5/95)


Standard Statistics

Interdictor (INT) Class Cruiser


Name/Model #- Interdictor Im-418

Designer/Manufacturer- Sienar Fleet Systems

Combat Designation-Heavy Cruiser

Length- 600 meters

Crew- 2,807 (427 officers, 2380 enlisted)

Power Plant- SFS I-b3b Dual Reactors

Weapons- 20 Taim & Bak GX-7 Laser Cannons

Four SFS g7-x Gravity Well Projectors

Starfighter Sqds- 1 TIE Fighter Squadron

Other Craft- 1 Lambda-Class Shuttle

3 Stormtrooper Transports


Experimental/ Prototype Statistics

Modified Interdictor (M/INT) Harpax II


Name/Model #- Modified Interdictor Model Im-418M

Designer- Custom Alteration (EH Engineer Corp)

Combat Designation- Modified Heavy Cruiser

Length- 650 Meters (Extra Length-Enhanced Hyperdrive/Sublight Engines)

Crew- 3,036 (430 Officers, 2,570 Enlisted, 24 Pilots, 12 Backup Pilots)

Power Systems- Dual SFS I-a2b reactors (ISD Standard Power Plant- Enhanced Speed and GW Strength)

Weapons- 30 Taim & Bak X-8 Turbolaser Batteries (Heavier Firepower)

10 Borstel NK-5 Ion Cannons (Ion Capability)

Six SFS G7-X GWP (Capable of establishing and maintaining a stronger hold)

Starfighter Sqds- 1 TIE Fighter Squadron

Other Craft- 2 Lambda Class Shuttles

2 Stormtrooper Transports

 Synopsis- The Harpax II has been upgraded to be capable of attacking and succesfully engaging a mid-level Capital Class Ship, such as a standard Frigate. It has been equipped with stronger shields and an extra foot of durantium armor. The storage capacity of the Hangar Bay has been increased, but we were unable to enhance the launch capacity. The Sublight and Hyperdrive engines have been replaced with a newer upgraded model. This has cut travel time almost in half. New Ion Cannon Batteries were added, as well as two new Gravity Well Projectors (GWPs). The laser batteries were upgraded to computer assisted turbolasers. To support all of this, the powerplants were removed and replaced with two of the most powerful ionization reactors in existance. These are the same engines that are in a Imperial Class Star Destroyer, and they allow the Harpax to maintain GW projection, maximum shields, and a high rate of laser fire.


Nebulon-B Frigate

Projected Upgrade

Nebulon-B (right) engaging a Rebel Corvette (left)
(Photo: E-Mailed by ASutton348, 5/95)


Standard Statistics

Nebulon-B Class Frigate

 Name/Model #- EF76-B


Combat Designation- Escort Starship

Legenth- 300 Meters

Powerplant- KDY SEF76-PP

Crew- 920 (77 Officers, 843 Enlisted)

Weapons- 12 Taim & Bak XI 7 Turbolasers

12 Borstel RH8 Laser Cannons

Two Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors

Starfighters- Two Squadrons (Standard TIE)

Ground Forces- None

Prototype/Experimental Statistics

Modified Nebulon-B Frigates Ardent & Imperator

Name/Model #- SMEF76-B

Designer/Manufacturer- Custom Modification (EH Engineering Corp)

Combat Designation- Modified (Heavy) Escort Starship

Legenth- 400 Meters (Extra Hangar and Living Capacity for ground assault forces)

Crew- 1,000 (80 officers, 920 Enlisted)

Powerplant- KDY HR81-PP (Enhanced power for extra laser batteries, etc.)

Weapons- 20 Taim & Bak heavy Turbolaser Batteries (Computer Control)

25 Borstel RH8-E Laser Cannons (Fire control for fighter attacks)

Two Phylon-Q8 Tractor Beam Projectors

Starfighters- 1 Squadron T/A (Space lost to lasers, power, additional crew, etc.)

Ground forces- 1 Imperial Stormtrooper Brigade

4 landing barges

5 AT-AT Walkers

10 AT-ST Walkers

Other Craft- 2 Stormtrooper Transports

Synopsis: In accordance with the desire of the Wing Commander that the Frigates be upgraded to include the potential to carry out ground assault, the Frigate has been lengthened to add additional space for such a mission. The Hangar bay was cut to 2/3 of it's normal size resulting in the loss of one squadron of TIE fighters. We believe that this has been more than made up for by the addition of superior craft. The powerplant was removed and replaced with an enhanced version to provide additional power for the Heavy Turbolaser batteries that were added. Also, the original lasers have been replaced with a newer model having better fire control. This makes the frigate less susceptable to the attacks of starfighters, especially the B-Wing starfighter, designed to be a frigate killer. Shields and armor were also enhanced. Overall, the frigate has been made so that the two assigned to the Hammer could engage and destroy an MC-80. A Frigate coupled with a VSD would also be a formidable force.


Minor alterations were made to the above ship specifications by the Wing Commander to maintain consistency with the overall plotline for the Emperor's Hammer...Otherwise, the Wing Commander herein approves the submitted designs for use in the ongoing upgrades of the INT Harpax II and the FRGs Imperator and Ardent, as presented above...


Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Personal Background information

(Imperial Security Bureau)


Name: Paladin, Jedgar

Rank: Rear Admiral

Scandoc Transmission Code(Screen name): MSTR JDI

Sex(M/F): Male

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth(Please include Homeworld): Corellia

Marital Status(Single,Married,Divorced,Separated): Single

Family: Parents and two brothers

Social Status(Destitute,Poor,Well-to-do,Wealthy,Nobility): Nobility

Significant Events of Childhood & Adolescence: As a young boy, Paladin fell in love with piloting. First in ground based craft, then atmospheric flight, and finally space flight. It was also at this time that he discovered the power of the force (Though he didn't know it yet). He flew instinctively, never needing to look where he was going.

Significant Events of Adulthood: Paladin has spent most of his adult life fighting for the Empire. He started out as a ship commander, but later became a pilot after deciding that he didn't want to spend twenty years captaining a patrol craft before he got a chance to command a frigate or small STD. He served for several years and became a very decorated member of the Imperial Pilot corps before being recruited by an as yet unidentified Dark Jedi. He learned quickly and has since risen to the position of Dark Adept.

Alignment & Attitude: Extremly loyal to the Empire and his family. He does have an extremly short temper, however, and this may be a weakness.

Former Occupations(if any): N/A

Hobbies: Reading, Military History, Tactics and Strategy, Chess

Tragedies: None known of

Phobias & Allergies: Allergic to seafood (shellfish)

Personal views of the Empire(and Emperor's Hammer): The Empire is the only chance for the galaxy's survival. If the Rebellion is allowed to come to power and institute a democratic system, then the New Order will collapse.

Reason for applying to the Emperor's Hammer Elite Strike Force: To serve the Empire and protect the Galaxy from the Rebellion. I also serve to bring glory to myself and my family.

Other comments or information(optional): RA Paladin commands the M/INT Harpax II of the Emperor's Hammer. He is thought to be a cold, calculating, ruthless killer by some, and a loyal soldier of the Empire by others. He prefers the former. This is expressed in the motto of his Tau Squadron; "Nemo Me Impugne Lacessit"-No one provokes me with impunity.


I hereby confirm that the above information is legitimate and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: RA Jedgar Paladin

Date: 6/4/1995


The above profile was edited by the Wing Commander to reflect RA Paladin's recent promotions.

cc: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Liason Officer


Articles of Court Martial

Convened on the 10th day of June, 1995

Rear Admiral J. Paladin, Presiding Officer

This General Court Martial has been called and conviened aboard the Imperiral Navy Platform Daedalus to determine the guilt or innocence of the one known as SEDRISS. The indictments are as follows:

1)While on the SSD Avenger, a Naval vessel lawfully under weigh, he did challenge the authority of the commanding officer of said ship.

2)That in so challenging the authority of his commanding officer, Grand Admiral Ronin, he acted in an inappropriate and insubordinant manner.

3)That he was insubordinant to the Executive Officer of the Emperor's Hammer Wing, printing libelous and defamatory statements on the Imperial HoloNet (message board)

4)That he did disobey several direct orders from senior Naval personel, including, but not limited to , Grand Admiral Ronin and Vice Admiral Pappy Rene.

The evidence to support these charges are as follows:

1)The accused did post several messages claiming that Grand Admiral Ronin's commision and authority were usurped and did not descend from the throne of the Emperor or the Imperial High Command.

2)That the accused did post messages in which he used insulting and improper language toward his superior officer.

3) That the accused did not cease to post his dissident comments upon order from the Wing Commander. Also, that this is the very definition of mutiny.

 The court finds as follows:

 Article One: Guilty

Article Two: Guilty

Article Three:Guilty

Article Four: Guilty

The court hereby delivers the following sentence:

Article One: Death, by hanging

Article Two: Twenty years confinement

Article Three: Death, by hanging

Article Four: Death, by hanging

Therefore, having been found guilty by the court, and summarily sentenced to death for two counts of insubordination, one count of disobedience, and one count of Mutiny, SEDRISS is to be executed the convenience of the court and the Wing Commander.

In the Service of the Emperor,

Rear Admiral J. Paladin

 XO/VA Renegade/CF-2/VSD Mon

 To: Grand Admiral Ronin

From: V. ADM Renegade

Subj: My leave.

  Sir, I realize that It looked like I took leave as the Hammer was getting ready for battle, and maybe there will be those that think I chickened out. That is not the truth sir.

  I applied for leave on the orders of the Emperor, and I can now tell you what my mission was. You were not informed because It would have been embarrasing for you and the Wing if I would have failed, plus you were to busy getting the Wing ready. The Emperor realized this, and contacted me. If you had not granted my leave, then the Emperor would have ordered you to have let me gone. This I learned from the Secret Order, as my mission was for the Secret Order.

  I was chosen for this mission because of my status in the Wing, and the Emperor knew that I am just as loyal to him as you are. My orders read in part:

  "Vice Admiral Renegade, you will ask for leave from the wing for a special mission that I need you to go on for me. I cannot trust anyone but a member of the EH to carry this out, and Grand Admiral Ronin will be to busy to go, as he must prepare the Wing for battle agains the Rebel insurgents that would seek to destroy me."

  "I have felt a stirring in the Force that may have castrophic results. I have forseen that I may not survive the next battle. If this happens I feel that the empire will fall into major chaos. This will happen and I have tasked Grand Admiral Thrawn and Grand Admiral Ronin to keep up the fight against those who would bring the Empire to it's knees."

  " Your mission, Admiral Renegade is to apply for leave and have it granted. You will then disappear and contact the Secret Order on the planet Kymar. They will tell you where you will go to, and the particular details of your mission. If I die, you will get a coded message sent by comm sat. This is a secret code that only you and I will know. When You get this coded message--you will know that it is authentic and comes directly from me."

"Upon receipt of this coded message you will know that I am in fact dead, and you will then carry out your secret mission. You may not discuss this mission with anyone, including Grand Admiral Ronin until after the mission is a success."



Sir, the mission was a success, I cannot discuss the particulars of the mission, except to say that due to my success, the Emperor will someday return to guide the Empire again. I am still under orders sir.

Respectfully submitted

VA Renegade





TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE HAMMER, I know that we are all feeling the loss of our beloved Emperor, by the hands of Vader. So I have drafted a set of orders to be followed by ALL members and branch groups of the Emperors Hammer.

You all know that the Emperor created the Hammer to defend Himself and the Empire, and to eliminate all enemies of the Emperor\Empire. He gave Grand Admiral Ronin the Hammer because He knew that someday GA Ronin would be able to fight on in the name of the Emperor.




We must punish the enemies of the empire, and keep on punishing them until they cease destroying the New Order the Emperor tried so hard to install. We must extract revenge on the Rebel scum who destroyed our friends and comrades. The Emperor may be dead now, but we must never cease trying to bring order to the Galaxy. That is why the Emperor created the Hammer.

We can restore order, under the very cabable gudiance of WC Ronin.




Planets, Galaxys., and Proto-stars, I see

as I patrol for an evasive enemy.


And if a glourious death is the way I will die

Let it be at the controls of my beloved TIE.


Like a lover's endearing arms, she holds me tight,

Allowing me to do what she and I do best--FIGHT.


She can be tempermental and her controls need a soft touch,

The things I coax her to do are sometimes a bit much.


But, she is fast and her firepower is awesome,

As her enemy's explosions look like fire blossoms.


Planets, Galaxys and Proto-stars I see,

I am part of her and she of me.


XO\VA Renegade


  Darn, another letter to have to write to this kids parents, I am so tired of having to explain that "Dear Ms. So and So, I regreat to inform you that your son, GN XXXXX has died in battle today. He was a credit to his squadron and an excellent pilot."

I hate lying to this mom, what I should say is that your son died a horrible death because he was incrediably stupid. He disobeyed orders and attacked a rebel Frigate, by himself, without waiting for the others in his squadron to show-up and help out. But, I can't say that, how can I tell a family who just lost a loved one that their son, "The greatest pilot", (according to him), in the Empire, did not follow orders, had trouble adjusting to Navy life, did not get along with over half the members of his squadron, and was put on report many times.

Oh well time to get started. Seven letters in 6 months. The Rebel Alliance is getting better and bolder and the Hammer's job is getting tougher

Dear Ms. XXXXX,

I regreat to inform you that your son GN XXXXX, has died on this day, defending the Empire against it's enemies. He was sent on a mission with the rest of his squadron to interdict several Rebel Frigates, that were harrassing Imperial shipping lanes.

Your son single-handly attacked a rebel FRG. on his own. He was fatally injured by a missile from the frigate but pressed home the attack and rammed the FRG. in the bridge, destroying it's Command structure, which then allowed the rest of your son's squadron to attack and kill the FRG.

Your son reflects the highest honor and tradition of the Emperor's Hammer, and would have gone far in his career. I have recommended him for a medal of bravery.

I wish I had more pilots of his caliber in my squadron. He was a credit to us, the Wing, and the Emperor.

I am sorry to inform you that we could not recover his body but his Flight did a fly-by and left a wreath in his honor, and his name will be placed on the roll of the Hammer's honored dead.

If there is anything I can do, please inform me. His personal effects are being readied for shipment to you.

CMDR\GN Eeeee\XX-1\SSD Avg

Darn, I hate this job, I am supposed to lead these pilots and accomplish the mission goals, make sure they are trained, and guide them. Hols their hands when they need it, and scold them when they get out of line and for what.


Just so I can send them into battle and get them killed, if only I could retire to my little farm on Dantooine, but that can't happen until the rebellion is crushed and order is restored to the galaxy.

I only hope it will happen in my lifetime, but I doubt it. the Emperor is dead, Vader was turned by the Light side of the force and is dead, GA Thrawn is off chasing rebels somewhere. Warlords and wanabee Emperor's are popping up all over the galaxy and we of the Hammer are the only stable Imperial influence in the galaxy.

Darn, I hate this job.


COMM/VA Shawshank/CF-7/FRG Ard


LucasArts Title Features Dramatic New Campaign and Enhanced Versions of TIE Fighter and Defender of the Empire

San Rafael, CA -- The dark side of the STAR WARS universe just became much more powerful with the addition of TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM, scheduled to release from LucasArts Entertainment Company in the fall of 1995. Originally available for floppy disk, TIE Fighter CD includes significantly enhanced versions of the original disk-based game TIE Fighter, and its first add-on campaign, Defender of the Empire, as well as a challenging new campaign. Improvements include upgraded graphics, enhanced sound and more than 5,000 lines of studio-recorded dialogue. TIE Fighter marked the first time in the history of the STAR WARS saga that the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy is portrayed from the perspective of the Empire.

TIE Fighter CD's new campaign, available exclusively in the CD-ROM version, features 22 new missions, raising the total number of missions to 104. The new campaign includes three battles and four dramatic cut scenes. As in the floppy disk version, TIE Fighter CD charges players to restore and enforce Imperial rule and defeat the Rebel insurgence. Players assume the role of a new Imperial Navy Academy recruit and put their lives on the line to realize Emperor Palpatine's mandate: Restore law and order to the galaxy. Similar in format to X-Wing, the game challenges new pilots to refine their skills in training courses and historical combat before engaging in a series of battles. The complex and engaging plot serves as a backdrop for the battles, delivering a simulation rich in story.


Created by the same team that was responsible for the development of X-Wing, TIE Fighter CD enhances the game's graphics by adding an upgraded 3-D opening and four new 3-D rendered cinematic cut scenes. High-resolution graphics and animated special effects are featured in each of the game's flight combat sections as well as in the new cockpit art for the seven different crafts players pilot.

"As with X-Wing Collector's CD, we felt there were many similar things that we could do with TIE Fighter that would take advantage of the CD-ROM format," said designer Lawrence Holland. "The CD technology gives us an opportunity to greatly improve the game's original sound and graphics and to add features that will enliven the overall experience for fans of STAR WARS games."

In addition to the improved graphics, TIE Fighter CD features digitally mastered studio-recorded voices and sound effects. Newly recorded mission briefings and in-flight messages are included in the title as well. As with the disk-based version of the game, TIE Fighter CD features LucasArts' proprietary iMUSE sound system. iMUSE (Interactive Music and Sound Effects) composes music "on the fly" in response to the many choices available to players.

TIE Fighter CD requires a 386 cpu or higher and 1 meg EMS to run low- resolution graphics. For high-resolution graphics, a 486 cpu with a local bus video card or a Pentium with 8 megs of RAM is required. A double-speed CD-ROM drive is recommended for optimum performance.


LucasArts Entertainment Company develops and publishes interactive entertainment and educational software. LucasArts is one of three Lucas companies. Lucas Digital Ltd., comprised of Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, is dedicated to serving the needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects and audio post-production. LucasFilm Ltd. includes George Lucas' feature film and television activities, as well as the business activities of the THX Group and Licensing.

Cmdr/BG Nemesis/Rho-1/SSD Avr

Name: Mordakein Nemesis

Rank: Brigadier General

Scandoc Transmission Code: Thrawn 96

Sex: Male

Race: Unknown. Thought to be human.

Date of birth: 4830.7

Place of birth: Byss

Martial Status: Seperated

Family: None except for dead Fianseí

Social Status: Poor prior to enlistment in Imperial Navy. Now Wealthy


Significant: Events in child hood and adolescence: Classified


Significant events in Adulthood: Classified


Alighnment and Attitude: Classified


Former occupation: Rebel Strategist. (The Rebellion gave me nothing I wanted)


Hobbies: Driving my T-16 on Byss. Combat!


Tragedies: I was on a passenger liner when three B-wings dropped out of Hyper-space. They began to attack the liner because in theory there was an "Imperial Terrorist" on it. I took the arm of my beloved Nichole and made a run for the escape pod. By the time I reached there a laser blast tore through the hull and hit Nichole. I new there wasnít much time for her to live so I slung her over my shoulder and jetocined the escape pod just as the liner was going under. I returned to Byss vowing to live up to the family name of Nemesis, the godess of Vengence.


Phobias and allergies: None


Personal Views of the Empire: Classified


Reason for applying to the Emperorís Hammer: To seek revenge on the pilot(s) that destroyed the liner that Nichole was killed on. And I did. Once in Delta squad I saw three familiar B-wings that had the same skull insignias on the S-Foils. I ordered my other squadron members to leave the B-wings to me because I had a score to settle....


I herby confirm that the above information is legitimate to the best of my knowledge


Signature: Mordakien Nemesis. Brigadier General.

Date: 5893.7



cc: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Liason Officer.