The formation of the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion is being finalized by the Wing Commander. This elite unit within the Emperor's Hammer will serve to enlist Stormtroopers into various Platoons initially and possibly develop into company and battalion size units at a later date. It should be noted that the Hammer's Fist is a "Sub-Group" of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. Each Stormtrooper Platoon (40 Troopers, 4 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant) will be stationed on a Lancer Class Frigate (a small screening and assault vessel) and will serve on various covert and elite commando-style missions.

The Wing Commander wishes to point out that current Emperor's Hammer Members may NOT also be a Member of the Hammer's Fist since they represent two separate branches of the military. However, an EH Member may join both clubs under separate AOL Screen Names...

 Since Members of the Hammer's Fist will initially be "role playing" their persona's actions, there will be no quantitative mission performance standards to achieve. Consequently rankings and positions will be subjectively determined by the Platoon Commanders, based on a Member's online activities and performance. However, it should be noted that the Tactical and Flight Officers are fervently working on finding a suitable, editable game platform for the Hammer's Fist...(i.e. Doom). In fact, it is my understanding that there are Doom Levels on the Internet (i.e. FTP sites and WWW sites) which feature Star Wars related "levels" and which are currently in the process of being gathered...

Finally, it should also be noted that the Hammer's Fist is an "Elite" Stormtrooper unit which is attached to the Fleet in addition to the standard Stormtrooper Corps stationed on the SSD Avenger or any one of the other capital ships in the Fleet. In addition, the Wing Commander is personally overseeing the appointment of all Platoon Leaders until further notice.


It is anticipated that the Hammer's Fist Platoons will each be organized as follows, pending application and appointment of more interested Troopers...

First Platoon (Zero-G Stormtroopers)/LCF Excelsior (PLAT-1/LCF Exc)

1 Lieutenant/Platoon Commander (PC) - LT Blaster (Blaster265)

4 Sergeants/Squad Leaders (SQLDR)

40 Zero-G Troopers (TPR)...(4 "squads" of 10 Troopers/each)

SpaceTrooper Armor

One Assault Shuttle

Squad Alpha

Squad Leader: TBA

Trooper X2-J51H (Spocan)

Trooper B5-T33I (PartysRFun)


Squad Beta



Squad Gamma



Squad Delta


 Second Platoon (Cold Assault Stormtroopers)/TBA

 1 Lieutenant/Platoon Commander (PC)

4 Sergeants/Squad Leaders (SQLDR)

40 Blizzard Force Troopers (TPR)...(4 "squads" of 10 Troopers/each)

One Assault Shuttle

2 AT-STs

 Third Platoon (Scout Troopers)/TBA

 1 Lieutenant/Platoon Commander (PC)

4 Sergeants/Squad Leaders (SQLDR)

40 Zero-G Troopers (TPR)...(4 "squads" of 10 Troopers/each)

40 Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bikes

One Assault Shuttle


The Positions within each Platoon will be as follows:

PC - Platoon Commander

SQLDR - Squad Leader

TRP - Trooper


The Hammer's Fist Rankings generally follow the those of the Imperial Army:

General (GN)

Colonel (COL)

Major (MAJ)

Captain (CP)

Lieutenant (LT)

Master Sergeant (MS)

Sergeant (SG)

Corporal (CP)

Private (PVT)


The Hammer's Fist Stormtroopers will have their own ID Line designations:

Position/Rank & Name/Platoon/Ship

i.e. Squad Leader, Master Sergeant Wayne, First Platoon, LCF Excelsior

would be:



The Wing Commander herein directs ALL Hammer's Fist Members to the Attached Files Section of this Newsletter where the first Doom Level edited for Star Wars is detailed... Please note that this Doom editing is experimental at this point...Any help from Hammer's Fist Members would be appreciated...