The Dark Brotherhood is a separate sister organization within the Emperor's Hammer. Exceptional Members of the Emperor's Hammer will be contacted by the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Grand Master Admiral Kane (DK LRD VDR), or Adept Paladin (Mstr Jdi) for application to the Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood is an independent organization within the Emperor's Hammer and concentrates on the mystical ways of the Dark Side of the Force. The Wing Commander currently holds the Position of Adept and is a Member of the Dark Brotherhood Council.


The current ranks in the Dark Brotherhood are as follows:

Dark Lord/Grand Master





Wing Commander, Grand Admiral Ronin

Dark Adept/Dark Council Member


Those of you who truly distinguish yourselves in training may be singled out for "special instruction" in the ways of the Dark Side of the force. This will take place at the hands of DK LRD VDR, Grand Master and Lord of the Dark Brotherhood, and myself, Mstr Jdi, Second in command of the DB and liason officer from the wing.

If you wish to apply to the brotherhood, E-Mail me. You will be accepted to the brotherhood if you are loyal to the Emperor. Performance based assignment is only for assignment to "special duties".

So, in conclusion, welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing... May your days with us be long and distingushed or short and glorious... Good luck and good hunting!

In The Service of The Emperor,

Jedgar Paladin

Rear Admiral Jedgar Paladin

Training Officer, Emperor's Hammer


Grand Admiral Ronin asked me to write up something for the Emperor's Hammer Main NL. This document contains all of the information of use only w/o the imbedded objects.

As many of you have heard by now, I have been promoted to the rank of Admiral; in charge of running the PLT Daedalus. This will in no way hinder my comittment to the Brotherhood.

Many of you have been asking about training in the ways of the Dark Side, well you may stop asking. I am going to have "classes"/meetings every week or so. The times will be established by the Council shortly


(As of 6/4/95)


Grand Master Vader*/DK LRD VDR

Dark Side Adept Maverick*/Mstr jdi

Dark Side Adept Ronin*/GA Ronin


Guardian Stelek/Asutton348

Apprentice Mateo/Mateo 15

Apprentice Shen/Thrawn 96

Apprentice Exar Motti/Vader 95

Apprentice Adams/Ja24

Apprentice Renegade/Pappy Rene

Apprentice Outlaw/KSMJR

Apprentice Durron/Kyps

Apprentice Hethrir/John775225

Apprentice Ramsey/DKJRAMSEY

Apprentice Goatboy/THXGoatboy

Apprentice Tarkin/Tapped Out

Apprebtice ????/Jedi oo7

Apprentice ????/Jedi 1137

Apprentice ????/DarkToeJam

Apprentice ????/Gen Havok

Apprentice Stuuf/Quackodile

Apprentice ????/Rinkrat3

Apprentice ????/Lrdsedriss

Apprentice ????/Kuptoman

Apprentice ????/MasterXP11

Apprentice ????/Tsgt Yakko


* Dark Council

? Send Jedi Name to The Grand Master@ DK LRD VDR

Requirements for Joining

The requirements for joining the Dark Brotherhood are simple. All you need is loyalty to the Emperor, and to feel the force. To offically be a member, and to make it easier for everyone to keep track of members, you must submit an application.

 Here is the format:

 Real Name:

Screen Name:

Jedi Name:

Reason for joining:

Quick Background:



Real Name: Andrew (last name optional)

Screen Name: DK LRD VDR

Jedi Name: Kane Vader

Reason for joining: To gain power thru knowledge

Breif Background: I was once a great pilot in the Rebel Alliance, but The Rebel Alliance never gave me what I wanted, Power. After joing the Imperial Navy, I became part of the Dark side. Darth Vader toke interest in me and trained me in the ways of the Dark Side. After joining the Emperor's Hammer I started the Brotherhood.


As you can see all I want is some basic information.



May the Darkness Defend you.


Grand Master Kane Vader