The Wing Commander has reluctantly approved the formation of a Bounty Hunter's Guild for exclusive use with the Emperor's Hammer. Following the Battle of Endor and considering the current state of chaos in the Empire, such individuals will prove invaluable in gathering information, tracking down renegades and performing other "special services" for the Emperor's Hammer.


Other than adherence to the Emperor's Hammer Bylaws, the Bounty Hunter's Guild does not have to conform to the standard Imperial Naval command structure. Consequently, Guild Members are expected to follow their own internal Caste structure, as detailed below.


Since the success of a Bounty Hunter is based solely on his/her ability to find his "Targets" and collect monetary "Prizes", his/her status in the Guild will be determined by total accumulated credits for completing Hammer assigned Missions. Thus, the Guild will be organized according to the following Caste Positions:

Position Minimum Credits ID Line Designation


Grand Master* Appointed Position GMSTR

Master 10,000,000 CR MSTR

Journeyman 5,000,000 CR JRNY

Assistant Journeyman 1,000,000 CR ASST

Apprentice 0 CR APPR

* - The Caste Position of Grand Master will be solely determined by the Bounty Hunter who has the highest accumulated credits...Consequently, this will force current and future Grand Masters to participate in Missions or else be forced to take the Caste Position of Master.


Periodically, either the Wing Commander or the Guild Grand Master will announce a "Mission" in the Newsletters. A Mission will essentially be a target for capture, a piece of information that must be obtained, a riddle that must be solved, etc...Interested Members of the Guild then have two to four weeks to find the "Target" for the mission. The clues to successful completion of the Mission may be distributed via hints given in the Newsletters, Message Folders and Online Conferences. The Guild Members interested in attaining the Prize must then become "detectives" to find their Target. The first Guild Member who E-Mails the Wing Commander and the Guild Grand Master with the Target for the Mission wins the Prize. The Prize will consist of a monetary amount in Imperial Credits set at the announcement of the Mission (typically 500,000 to 2,000,000 CR). In addition, there will be one or more Secondary Targets for Guild Members to achieve which result in the award of smaller Prizes for each Mission as well. A Guild Member's Position within the Guild will be solely determined by the total amount of Credits that Bounty Hunter has accumulated in the successful completion of Missions.


The following Guild Members have been approved for listing in the Guild Roll Call:

Screen Name Caste Total Bounty Credits Ship

Capt Jedi GMSTR N/A -

ChrisMcCla APP 0 -

Kyyle Eara APP 0 Kraken

Jess1007 APP 0 -

Lord Los APP 0 Blackhole Sun

KreshNalir APP 0 -

SuperGNAW APP 0 -

It should be noted that ONLY AOL Screen Names will be used to identify the Bounty Hunters, in the interest of maintaining any "secret" identities.


Each Guild Member (Apprentices included) has the liberty of submitting specifications for his/her personal Bounty Hunter Ship. As was prevalent in the Star Wars films and novels, Bounty Hunters took great pride in customizing their personal craft. Selected designs will be posted in the Newsletters (with the owner's permission, of course...). The only requirements for the design and approval of Bounty Hunter Ships are as follows:

1) The personal ship specifications must be presented for review to the Wing Commander prior to approved use by the Bounty Hunter.

2) The specifications must be presented in a format consistent with the published Star Wars materials (i.e. Use the ship specifications format in the West End RPG or the TIE Fighter game manual).

3) The Bounty Hunter Ship MUST be a 1-10 man craft...NO Capital Ships will be allowed for independent use by Bounty Hunters in the Emperor's Hammer, being the unsavory lot that you are...!

4) It is prefereable (but not required) to also submit a picture or design for your craft for the Emperor's Hammer records. This may be in either BMP or GIF format. Original computer artwork is welcomed and will be credited in the Newsletter, as are any pictures.

5) Feel free to customize your craft with special engines, shields, weapons, gadgets, etc...However, reason must prevail and the Wing Commander and the Guild Grand Master MUST approve ALL Ship Specifications prior to approved use by the Guild Member.


Since the Bounty Hunter's Guild does not follow a rigid military command structure, their ID Lines will be simplified in comparison. It should be noted that Bounty Hunters are NOT required to use the ID Line designations since they represent a "civilian" organization...

Caste Position/Name/Personal Ship Name

i.e. Master Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, Slave II

would be:

MSTR/Boba Fett/Slave II


OBJECTIVE: Capture of General Jacobin dead or alive (2 million credits)


The objective of the first Bounty Hunter's Mission will be to capture General Jacobin, leader of the Divine Wind (see previous Newsletters for background information). Jacobin is wanted for crimes against the the Empire. In addition, following the Rebel seizure of Coruscant, Jacobin was primarily responsible for several "purges" which ultimately resulted in the flight of Grand Visier Pestage from Coruscant to Byss...

The successful Bounty Hunter will follow a series of clues that will be posted on various message folders on AOL in ours and other Forums...Each successive "clue" will lead you to the next one and ultimately to Jacobin himself...In addition, there are a couple of secondary objectives which can be obtained along the way for lesser Prizes...

One last note...ONLY ONE Bounty Hunter may claim each of the Prizes...The first Bounty Hunter to E-Mail the Wing Commander @ GA Ronin with the requested information (which can ONLY be obtained by getting the clues!), receives the listed Prize...!


The following is Jacobin's general schedule for a scheduled diplomatic tour of several newly acquired Rebel systems...This will give the Bounty Hunter's a "map" of the mission and an idea of the planets/days where Jacobin will be following posting of this Newsletter...

Event Days From Start

Coruscant 0




Calamari 1-5


I I---------Nal Hutta (6)



Corellia----------------I 6-10


I I---------Da Soocha (11-12)



Coruscant--------------I 11-14



In order to give Bounty Hunters a start on the Mission, I present the following....

"The Bounty Hunter is requested to review the Star Wars folders (Keyword "SF") for a posting by one of our operatives (It could be in any of the SW folders in the SF Forum), Mystique7, She will direct you to the exact location of Jacobin on Calamari...."

Good luck and enjoy...but please remember that this is my first time at this, so please be patient and send in any comments or suggestions...

WC/GA Ronin/CF-1/SSD Avr

APPR/Kyyle Eara/Kraken

Subj: The Kraken

Date: 95-06-05 16:32:37 EDT

From: Kyyle Eara

To: GA Ronin

File: KRAKEN.ZIP (6906 bytes)

DL Time (14400 bps): < 1 minute

This is the ship I would like to use. It's not very special. It has a two man

capacity, dual rocket launchers, 1 ion cannon, 2 laser cannons, a max speed

of 130, and shields. I just like it because it is very maneuverable. I hope

you approve it!



The Kraken
(Photo: Kyyle Eara, 6/95 - resized by Shekinah)

APPR/Lord Los/Blackhole Sun

<Bounty Hunter>

NAME: Lord Los

TASKS: Bounty Hunter/ occaisional assassin

SERVANTS: Baush(a Maintian), 1 Protocol Droid, 1 R2 Astromech droid, and 1 Wookie slave.

HOMEWORLD: UNKNOWN, resides in the Maint sytem.

BACKROUND: Unknown, believed to be a former pilot of either the Imperium or the Alliance. He was found half dead on the planet Maint and was brought back to life by its natives, the Maitians. He helped advance their civilization by showing them new technology and in return they deemed him their leader.( hence the name Lord.) After rebiulding an old R-41 Starchaser that a Jedi had crashed landed on Maint, he set off to find a way to get back to his homeworld, but failed. When he returned to Maint he found the entire planet devastated by an unknown attacker, only a Maitian named Naush servived. He told Los that the attackers came from the stars to find metals for their ships. Los and Baush set of to find the attackers, but realized the chances of finding them were hopeless. He after performing jobs in various systems he finally purchased an old Stormtrooper

Transport and made a few "modifications." After that he bought 2 droids and a Wookie to serve as his crew. Since then he has performed "services" for Jabba the Hut and the Empire.

WEAPONS: Blaster Rifle, Double Barrel Blaster Rifle, and a Light Saber.

ABILITIES: Believed to be a Force Sensitive.

SPACECRAFT: 1 Modified Storm Trooper Transport, 1 Missile Boat in dry dock


NAME: "The Blackhole Sun."

Imperial Registry: 592A54-H47L-9478250J

Class: Modified Storm Trooper Transport

Model: Delta Class Dx-9

Designer/Manufacturer: Telgorn Corp., Additional Modifications by Lord Los.

Combat Designation: Assault Fighter/Gunboat/Transport

Length: 20 meters

Crew: 5

Power System: SFS I-3a solar ionization reactor

Weapons: Eight Taim & Bak KT4 Laser Cannons

Four Airmek SW-2 Ion Cannons

Two Krupx MG7 Proton Torpedo Launchers (7 Torpedoes each.)

One Mag Pulse Missle Launcher (4 Missles)

Shields/Armor: Forward/Rear Projecting Novaldex Shields (rated at 150 SBD)

Quadanium Steel armored titanium hull (rated at 100 RU)

Propulsion System: Five Slayn & Korpil JZ-9 fusial Thrust engines. (Rated at 345 KTU)

Flight Control System: Miradyne RCS-6 flight avionics system

Navigation: Microaxial LpL-449 computer system

Speed Rating: 110

Manuverability rating: 75 DPF

Sensor Systems: Fabritech ANs-7e unit with one log rang Phased Tachyon Detection Array model# PA-9r and one short range Primary Threat Analysis Grid model#PG-7u

Targeting Computer: Fabritech ANq 3.6 tracking computer and IN-344-B "Sightline" holographic

imaging system.

Hyperdrive: SFS ND9 Hyperdrive Activator Unit

Special Design Features: Corellian XJ9-7c Sensor Cloaking Device

Planetary vehicles: Six "Speeder Bikes"