The Wing Commander herein presents a list of ALL files attached to this Newsletter. It should be noted that they are listed in the order in which they were received by the Office of the Wing Commander...

 1) battle1.ico









2) emperor.wav


3) hmrb18m2.tie


4) b1m1fm.tie




6) hmrb22m1.tie





7) hmrb24m1.tie





1) New icons which are used in this Newsletter...

2) A sound (WAV) file(emperor.wav) is included in this Newsletter linked to an icon found in the Avenger Bulletin Board Section of this Newsletter...

3) Mission 2 (hmrb18m2.tie) for GN Jac's (FLT MBR/GN Jac/Beta-1/SSD Avr) Interception Battle

4) The following presents a TIE Fighter mission (b1m1fm.tie) that was found by VA Adams on the Internet WWW....They are attached as a "Simulator Mission", in that completion does not count for status within the EH...This one is just for fun...


3 shielded T/B's from Hurricane squadron will be dropped off, by the M/FRG

Hurricane, near a Rebel storage area. The Rebel Dreadnaught Jackal is leaving

the area with a large shipment of starfighters. Your mission is to take out

the Jackal's shields. Once this is accomplished the ATR Leech will hyper in

and disable and capture the Jackal. Then you must investigate the storage

area for any supplies we may need. If such supplies are found, we will send

a transport to pick it up. You must destroy the containers that are of no

need to us. The area will be protected by several Rebel fighters so watch

out. Your T/B will be fitted with a standard load of heavy rockets. Return to

the M/FRG Hurricane when your mission is complete. Good luck.

5) A collection of files containing the WAD files for an edited Doom Level (to include Star Wars materials) have been included in a ZIP package ( Adams (VAdmAdams) forwarded the attached files in his WWW searches...Be sure to read the included txt file for instructions...

6) These four missions (hmrb22m1.tie, hmrb22m2.tie, hmrb22m3.tie and hmrb22m4.tie) are a re-release of updated versions of RA Shekinah's (Shekinah) Aftermath Battle...

7) All four missions (hmrb24m1.tie, hmrb24m2.tie, hmrb24m3.tie and hmrb24m4.tie) for VA Renegade's (Pappy Rene) new Save the Emperor's DNA Battle....