New Republic Provisional Government
leaders herald the New Republic in the
Old Senate Hall on Coruscant...
(Photo: TREYNARD, 1995)

The Wing Commander regrets to inform the Members of the Emperor's Hammer that the Rebel Alliance has taken the Imperial Capital City of Coruscuant. Within days of the Emperor's death at Endor, the Rebel Alliance Leaders consisting of Princess Leia Organa Solo of Alderaan, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, General Mon Mothma, and Admiral Ackbar proclaimed what they refer to as the "New Republic Provisional Government". This illegal Rebellion Administration has taken its seat of power in the Imperial Palace in Coruscant! Unfortunately, the current state of disarray in the Imperial Navy precludes any credible Imperial response to this atrocity...We must bide our time...for now...

It is rumored that Byss, hidden deep within the Galactic Core, will serve as the new Imperial Capital...Byss has reportedly been personally prepared by the Emperor prior to his death to serve as a model for his New Order heavily influenced by the Dark Side of the Force. In addition, Grand Visier Pestage has apparently fled to Byss for, as yet, unknown reasons.

General Jacobin of the Divine Wind, the former Cold Assault Stormtrooper Division turned Rebel, was also honored at this ceremony. For his efforts, General Jacobin received the Order of the Galactic Star from Princess Liea Organa Solo. General Jacobin's retrieval of the second Deathstar plans and subsequent transfer to the Bothans directly resulted in the ultimate Rebel victory at Endor. In recognition of his treacherous service to the Rebel cause, the Provisional Government bestowed the Governorship of the Cygnus System to General Jacobin. General Jacobin was also promoted to the rank of Governor General.


Rebel salvage crew approaching the
damaged and abandoned ISD Adjudicator
after the Battle of Endor in a Tyderian Shuttle....
(Photo: E-Mailed by SJain, 1995)

Two Imperial Class Star Destroyers, the ISDs Adjudicator and Accuser were captured immediately following the Battle of Endor by the Rebel Alliance. The following excerpt was taken from the Dark Empire Sourcebook (Bill Slaviscek, Michael Allen Horne, West End Games, 1993, pp. 93-94):

The Emancipator and Liberator

"At the Battle of Endor, a huge number of Imperial ships were destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. Some ships made it to lightspeed shortly after the Emperor's death. Of the armada gathered around Endor, a few remaining ships either surrendered or took enough battle damage to fall into Rebel hands. Of note were the Adjudicator and Accuser, two Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Realizing this stroke of luck, General Lando Calrissian suggested refitting the ships to make them spaceworthy again.

Calrissian's logic was as follows: with the battle of Endor such a panic for the Imperials, no one could know for sure how many ships got away at the end. These ships repaired and out fitted for duty, would allow the Rebels to infiltrate Imperial sectors without raising the kind of ruckus a Republic cuiser might. Though Admiral Ackbar found the subterfuge distasteful, he couldn't discount the potential benefits and agreed.

To give them a special advantage, some new features were to be added, including beefed-up weapons and sensors. Renamed the Liberator and Emancipators...the two Star Destroyers were holed up in the secret Hast Shipyards..."

It should be noted that General Jacobin and the Divine Wind were reportedly instrumental in the disabling and capture of the two Star Destroyers. As can be discerned from the above account, it is imperative that the Emperor's Hammer eliminate this potential future threat...