Equipment Transport Gaia (ST-321), used by General
Jacobin to escape the Empress Teta's shields...
(Photo; TREYNARD, 1/95)

During a routine resupply mission, the Imperial Dungeon Ship, Empress Teta, was attacked and General Jacobin, Eye of the Divine Wind, and a large force of Divine Wind Troopers effected their escape. It is unclear as to how Jacobin accomplished this feat since the Imperial Dungeon Ships are reportedly impossible to escape from. It should be noted that the Imperial Dungeon Ships were once used to hold and transport Jedi Knights during the Emperor's Great Purge following his ascendancy to the Imperial Throne. Although they are a relic from past days of glory, the Emperor has retained several in secluded locations throughout the Empire for "special services"...

The following information was obtained in The Star Wars Dark Empire Source Book (Michael Allan Horne, West End Games, June, 1993, pp.90-91:

Imperial Dungeon Ships

"Imperial dungeon ships were introduced at the height of the Purge in an attempt to control Jedi Knights and other dangerous prisoners. Originally designed by the Mandalorians, the majority of the ships cells were devoted to common prisoners. Sections were partitioned off to allow for variable gravity, lighting, atmosphere and other factors - often prisoners were held under uncomfortable (such as heavier than normal gravity) conditions to keep them docile during the prisoner transfer. Other tactics of control included mild electric shocks (painful but causing no permanent damage), sirens and hallucinogenic gases. Prisoners were guarded by droids along with normal organic guards (who were heavily armed and ordered to maintain order no matter what happened). Since the prisoners knew that disobediance meant death, there were few uprisings aboard the dungeon ships.

When it came to Jedi Knights, the prison ships were designed on the principle that the best way to keep a Jedi Knight under control was to keep him disoriented and precoccupied with survival. Traditional restraints were useless against those who could call upon the force. Super dense alloys lined each cell to prevent any physical escape and, it was (erroneously) hoped, to screen out any telepathy. Eventually the energy shields used on the Universal Energy Cages had to be installed around the perimeter of the cells to prevent the Jedi from using their abilities. Life support settings were set extremely low to force the Jedi into hibernating for the duration of the voyage.

To prevent prisoners from commandeering vessels, the dungeon ships lack a normal nav computer. The computer can only hold two sets of coordinates at any given time: the jump to the prisoner transfer planet and the final destination. If a jump ship had to make multiple jumps, it would have to get new jump coordinates at each stopover. The bridge is located at the bottom of the ship in a self contained and detachable command chamber equipped with emergency rations and a signal beacon."

Craft:  Rendill Stardrive's Lictor-class
Type:  Mandalorian Dungeon Ship
Scale:  Capital
Length:  764 meters
Crew:  860, gunners: 46, skeleton:370
Passengers:  400 (security wardens), 8,000 (prisoners in standard cells),
	         1,000 (prisoners in special holding cells)
Cargo Capacity:  1,500 metric tons
Consumables:  2 months
Cost:  7.8 million credits
Nav Computer:  Limited to two jumps
Weapons:  10 Quad Turbolaser Batteries
	   2 Tractor Beam Projectors

In a recent memorandum to Admiral Ronin, General Johann Kane relayed the urgency of capture of this individual:

TO: Admiral Ronin, Wing Commander
FROM: General Johann Kane, ISB Liason Officer
RE: General Jacobin

Sir, Emperor Palpatine himself has directed me to personally relay his command to recapture General Jacobin. Apparently, Palpatine has "forseen" that General Jacobin may be instrumental in upcoming Imperial tragedies of Galactic magnitude. Consequently, he has ordered all Emperor's Hammer forces to immediately hunt this Rebel down and terminate his miserable existence. Any and all resources are to be used to acheive this end.

In addition, I have excellent reason to believe that General Jacobin will be heading towards the homeworld of the Kruls, Ruling Family of Cygnus Spaceworks. I suggest that the Emperor's Hammer begin its search in the Cygnus System.

Finally, and most importantly, Cygnus Spaceworks was one of the major construction contractors for the new Death Star Battlestation. If there is a Rebel sympathizer within the ranks of Cygnus, the secrecy of the Death Star, as well as its location, may be comprimised and it may be exposed to potentially crippling attacks by Rebellion forces.

Respectfully submitted,

General Johann Kane



Encased in protective armor and wielding the most powerful personal weapons available, Imperial stormtroopers form the Empire's elite shock troops and are feared throughout the Galaxy. Stormtroopers support the two arms of the military-assisting the ground forces and the Imperial fleets-but remain apart and separate from these organizations.

Imperial Command assigns stormtroopers wherever they are needed to crush resistance and neutralize oppostion to the will of the Emperor. They are totally loyal and cannot be bribed, seduced or blackmailed into betraying the New Order. They live in a totally disciplined militaristic world where obediance is paramount and the will of the Empire is unquestioned.

Where the men who wear the armor of the stormtroopers are recruited from is unknown, just another part of the mystery that adds to the aura of fear and secrecy that surrounds these soldiers.

Some say the stormtroopers were created to provide the Emperor with an obedient force that was loyal to no one save him. Others note that these specialized warriors were designed to provide adequate protection to the varied worlds of the Galactic Empire with little preparation time Whether one or both these are true, it remains that the stormtroopers fit the doctrine of rule through fear very well indeed.

In addition to the core stormtrooper forces(which some reports indicate is greater than the number of regular Army and Naval forces combined), a number of elite divisions have been established at a monent's notice. These units are equipped with particularly designed armor, weapons, and gear created for use in specific enviroments.

From Imperial Sourcebook(West End Games by Greg Gorden 1989)

In His Majesties Service,
Vice Admiral Adams


Record for Battle 9 "Tracking the Defectors"

Mission 1 - 38,272 / All Primary & Secondary, 1 of 2 Bonus Goals Complete / 16 Kills.

Mission 2 - 56,215 / All Goals Complete / 28 Kills - including 1FRG, 1VSD, 1CRL, 2ATR.

Mission 3 - 48,604 / All Primary & Secondary, 1 of 2 Bonus Goals Complete / 15 Kills
including 2 M/CRV, 2CRV, 1CRL.

Mission 4 - 34,420 / All Goals Complete / 10 Kills - including 1 STRKC.

Mission 5 - 31, 797 / All Goals Complete / 15 Kills - 12 T/A, 3 E/S.


Subj: completed missions
Date: 95-03-19 22:29:59 EST
From: Renegadegc
To: W Call, VAdmAdams

File: ENDOR.TFR (3856 bytes)
DL time (19200 baud): < 1 minute

b2m4- easy to play but the other fighters take all the kills while I was
inspection ship toi finish secondary goals.

b3m2-7 kills for a score of 21000+, good mission.

b3m6- played twice first time I lost the Ardent, second time was easier, but
ATR's are the pits.

Very good missions to play.


FLT OFF/Thunder/Lambda-1/T-D

Subj: New Dimensions #5
Date: 95-03-13 15:08:26 EST
From: ChuckJoeS
To: W Call, Quackodile, Ja24, Barnacleez, General LJ
To: Rond2, Renegadegc
File: B3M5BM.TIE

I love 3-day weekends...

You're Beta Commander (Dorja)...there are 3 platforms you must destroy to buy
some time for the Avenger & Independence to hyper home (yes we're going
home!). An Interdictor jumps in though, that must also be destroyed. BTW,
the Rebels won't send out many ships, running low from the last missions. A
few X and B wings, some Y-wings if you're on easy. As usual, it's only
really worth playing if you're on hard, though med is a challenge if you want
to get all the bonus goals.

Also, ATR Omega is available for 5 reloads (you have 2 space bombs per
reload). Enjoy!

FLT OFF/Thunder/Lambda-1/T-D