Former Rebel Jedi Master, Yoda...
(Photo: Rink Rat13, 3/95)

Emperor Palpatine recently announced the Death of the last remaining Jedi Master. He reportedly died in the presence of the Rebel Leader Luke Skywalker on the swamp-planet, Dagobah. With Yoda's death (and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Yavin), the Emperor's Great Purge of the Light Jedi has finally been completed. The Great Jedi Purge was begun immediately after Palpatine assumed control of the Old Republic. The Rebel Alliance no longer possesses Yoda's skills with the Light Side to aid their cause. It should be noted that Emperor Palpatine is considering construction of a hidden training facility for his new Dark Adepts on Dagobah due to its strength with the Dark Side and Yoda's recent departure. The Dark Side shall reign supreme...

The Wing Commander has found the following excerpts published in A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, Bill Slaviscek, Del Rey/Lucasfilm Ltd, 1994, pp. 113-114 for a general description of Dagobah:

"The swamp planet Dagobah resides in an explored but sparsely populated star system of the same name. The Planet, shrouded in mist and covered by clinging vegetation, was the home and hiding place of Yoda, the Jedi Master.

As the principal planet in a star system of the same name, Dagobah is not much to speak of. It has no spaceports and none of the conveniences of modern technology. Its neighbors through the Sluis Sector consider it to be a haunted place due to its connection to the Dark Jedi of Bpfassh. The evil rampage of the Dark Jedi came to an end on the swamp planet after the group terrorized the systems of the Sluis Sector during the Clone Wars."


The Emperor's Shuttle arriving at the
new Death Star Battlestation...
(Photo: TREYNARD, 1/95)

Lord Vader, in the SSD Executor, and several escort Imperial Star Destroyers left the Territorial Fleet stationed in the Outer Rim Sector to return to the new Death Star Battlestation for Imperial Escort Command. The Territorial Fleet has been left under the capable command of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Lord Vader's absence. The Emperor has already arrived on the Battlestation to oversee the final stages of its construction. Consequently, Lord Vader has been charged with his protection and to prevent an anticipated attack over the next several weeks by the Rebel Alliance forces.


In an impromptu meeting organized by the recently promoted General Stelek (CMDR/Stelek/Iota-1/T-D), Wing Commander Admiral Ronin and Dark Brotherhood Grand Master Kane (DK LRD VDR) agreed, in principle, to a partnership between the two groups. As most of the Emperor's Hammer Members are aware, there are currently no restrictions on Members of either Wing being a Member in the other. The Dark Brotherhood is already an established sub-organization in the Warrior's Guild Organization Folder. Since the Emperor's Hammer is solely devoted to TIE Fighter and so is the Dark Brotherhood (whereas the Guild encompasses ALL Flight Sims), DK LRD VDR has expressed great interest in this idea to join forces. It should be noted that both groups would still be independent; but that the Emperor's Hammer will concentrate on the military aspects of the TIE Fighter Universe, the Dark Brotherhood will focus on its mystical aspects...

Lord Vader at a Command Briefing
on the SSD Monarch explaining
the proposed joining of the Emperor's
Hammer and the Dark Brotherhood...
(Photo: TIE Fighter, LucasArts, 1994)

New Prototype Developed for use in the Emperors Hammer!

KDY Prototype to be named A-9 Vigilance Interceptor...

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor aboard SD
Monarch, being prepared for transfer
to Lord Vaders Flagship, SSD Executor...

To:All members of the Emperors Hammer
Re:A-9 Vigilance Interceptor Prototype

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor Technical & Background Information
[Datapac compiled by General Stelek from Dark Empire]
[Sourcebook by West End Games, pp 101-102.]

Kuat Drive Yards has long been a major player in the Imperial war industry. Manufactuer of the Star Destroyer (and many other ships). KDY has long wanted a crack at the snubfighter market. Since the TIE fighter has been the fighter of choice for Navy planners, there was little chance, but their project eams, working closely with the Dark Jedi of the Dark Brotherhood, led by Kane Vader, have developed a design that has been on the back burner for years...this crafts capacities are actually INCREASED if piloted by one knowledgable in the dark side!

The A-9 is a sleek, stripped-down fighter. Like other Imperial models, it lacks both hyperdrive and shields to cut all extraneous mass. In addition,it pares down the hull and escape systems(Imperial ejection systems are a joke anyway!). Reduced cockpit complexity makes the A-9 one of the easiest craft to learn. The fighters weaponry incorporates twin laser cannon that can be fired independently or linked, as usual. The A-9 is a very small craft, trading off mass for manueverability, hopefully this will make it popular with the elite pilot corps....such as the Emperors Hammer!

RPG Stats

Craft:Kuat Drive Yards A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
Type:Territorial defensive Interceptor
Length:7.4 Meters
Cargo Capacity:55 Kilograms
Consumables:1 Day
Cost:185.000 Credits
Atmosphere:450;1,300 KMH

Game Stats(TIE Fighter)

Max. Speed:160(100)
Roll Rate:54(48)
Weapons:2 Heavy Turbolaser Cannon(2 Laser Cannon....different name, same effect!)
Shields:None Standard, can be equipped(None)
Beam:None Standard, can be equipped, usually with Jammer(None)

Note:This has been a comparison of the standard TIE Fighter in the game (data in parentheses) and the A-9 Template....