FLT MBR/Crandall/Lambda-3/T-B

To: All ISD Avenger officers
From: Avenger News Department
Reported by: Cmdr. Crandall-Lamda lll/T-B


With a coordinated effort on behalf of Imperial Intelligence and the "interrogation" of Divine Wind founder, General Jacobin, the latest Rebel strike on the new Death Star Battle Station has been thwarted! All Rebel craft were annilalated with no survivors. Studing the message logs, Imperial Intelligence has determined that no emergency hails were made before or during the battle by Alliance forces. Judging from this the Death Star's Endor location is still unknown to the Alliance Scum. The Imperial death toll was estimated at 18.

Because the many contacts that the Empire has in the Outer Rim Territories, a rumor has surfaced among many Imperial Systems that a growing Rebel fleet is organizing somewhere near the Sullust Sector. However since this is only a rumor, the Empire has no current interest in looking into this matter.

"Serve the Emperor above all others!"


FLT MBR/Bamwolf/Alpha-2/MIS

Subj: My high scores
Date: 95-03-18 17:24:51 EST
From: Bamwolf
To: W Call

File: HAMMER.TFR (3856 bytes)
DL time (19200 baud): < 1 minute

Here is a list of scores I have achieved and can prove with the .tfr
file attached.

Capture of Zaarin:
Battle 1 Mission 2 (file b1m2bm.tie)
Score of 109285
All goals completed
44 kills

Strike at Calamari:
Battle 2 Mission 1 (file b1m1fm.tie)
Score of 56370
All goals completed
12 kills

New Dimensions:
Battle 3 Mission 2 (file hmrb3m2.tie)
Score of 35977
All Goals completed
3 kills

Battle 3 Mission 3 (file hmrb3m3.tie)
Score of 24846
All goals completed
18 kills

Battle 3 Mission 4 (file hmrb3m4.tie)
Score of 48771
All goals completed
18 kills

Tracking the Defectors:
Battle 9 Mission 1 (file hmrb9m1.tie)
Score of 59888
All goals completed
27 kills

Battle 9 Mission 3 (file hmrb9m3.tie)
Score of 57383
All primary & secondary goals, 1 of 2 bonus goals
17 kills

Although these are the only missions I can prove right now with a pilot, I would appreciate it if you would consider the other scores I sent you for publication.

General Talon