Due to unforseen pilot losses during combat (3 pilots, including former Beta CMDR, Peter Papp) over the past week, the Wing Commander has decided to preferentially fill positions within the ISD Avenger and INT Harpax II with new recruits over the next week or two. This is being done instead of spreading our new recruits too thin into the new FRGs. Consequently, recruitment can be distributed in a much more orderly manner. However, the Emperor's Hammer has made up for the loss with the sustained recruitment rate of one new Member per day. It should be noted that the FRGs (Ardent and Imperator) will maintain their current rosters of standard Imperial Naval pilots pending anticipated replacement with Emperor's Hammer recruits.

As detailed on the Flight Roster presented in this Newsletter, the new Squadrons on the INT Harpax II, FRG Imperator and FRG Ardent have been added to the General Pilot Roster. In addition, once the Sienar Systems Platforms on Fondor are back up to their full production quotas, it is anticipated that the new Squadrons will receive their upgraded fighters.


The Wing Commander has received and approved the following Plotline for the eighth Emperor's Hammer approved Battle, Strike Against the Pirates, for further development. This is General Marko's (FLT MBR/Marko/Alpha-1/T-D) first approved Battle.

Emperor's Hammer
Strike Against the Pirates

Pirates have been benefitting from the internal struggle within the empire for much too long. While the Empire was busy battling the rebels on one side, and imperial traitors on the other, pirates have been taking advantage of this by stealing supplies, armaments, and technology from us. Now, the traitors have been dealt with, and the rebels have suffered a big blow at the Strike at Calamari battle, that the Empire has time to deal with these thieves...

Mission 1:

The Krivonian pirates have been spotted in the Borrego system. The empire stages a cargo transfer to lure the pirates into our hands. Once the pirates arrive we bring an interdictor cruiser to trap them and we try to capture the flagship along with it's personnel.

Suggested Player Craft: T/D
Suggested Mission Goals:
Survival of Avenger
Freighters survive
Pirate flagship is captured
50% of all craft are destroyed
Suggested Spacecraft:
ISD Avenger
CRS Raid
TIE squads Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon
Pirate X-Ws, B-Ws, Z-95s
Intredictor Dynex
ATR Victory
Suggested Plot:
X-Ws armed with adv. concussion missiles
B-Ws armed with torps.
Z-95s armed with heavy bombs
TIE Gamma attacks CRS
TIE Epsilon attacks starfighters
TIE Alpha helps disable the CRS and escort and protect the ATRs
Also TIE Alpha protects the INT and ISD
ATR Victory boards CRS Raid

Mission 2:

The personnel we captured in the last mission of a convoy of imperial goods. We are to intercept the convoy, capture the cargo carrying vessels and destroy the opposing fighters as well as capital ships.

Suggested Player Craft: T/D
Suggested goals:
ISD Avenger survives
75% of cargo ferries are captured
Pirate Dreadnaught Dronan is destroyed
Suggested Craft:
ISD Avenger
Cargo Ferries Crakow 1,2,3,4
Dreadnaught Dronan
Frigate Rexon
TIE Delta, Alpha, Lambda
X-Ws, B-Ws, T-Ws
ATR Victory
Suggested Plot:
B-Ws protect frigate and attack Avenger with rockets
X-Ws and T-Ws protect Dreadnaught and Ferries and attack starfighters
Frigate Rexon hypers out 2:30 into the game
ISD Avenger hypers after the frigate upon launching ATR 2:35 into the game
TIE Delta attacks starfighters
TIE Alpha help capture cargo ferries
TIE Lambda attack dreadnaught and frigate

Mission 3

The Pirate frigate has hypered out near their platform in the Jubre system in the outer rim sector. Upon inspection, the platform was found to be full of imperial goods. We are to capture the platform and the containers, and kill the pirate frigate. When the pirate leader tries to escape we are to capture him.

Suggested Player Craft: T/D
Suggested Goals:
ISD Avenger survives
ATR grp. Victory completes mission(capture platform and containers)
Capture Shuttle Yolan
FRG Rexon must be destroyed
Suggested Craft:
ISD Avenger
ATR group Victory
SHU Yolan
FRG Rexon
PL/5 Laraki
TIE groups Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon
X-Ws, Starchasers, Z-95s, T-Ws, A-Ws
Suggested plot:
X-Ws are to eliminate starfighters
Starchasers bomb avenger with adv. torps.
Z-95s bomb Avenger with space bombs
T-Ws eliminate starfighters with adv. missiles
A-Ws eliminate starfighters with adv. missiles
TIE Alpha protects ISD and ATRs from starfighters
TIE Beta helps capture PL/5 Laraki and the CN/Es
TIE Gamma attacks frigate
TIE Epsilon attacks FRG and protects ISD from starfighters
When FRG Rexon is destroyed the platform sends out a bunch of starfighters as a distraction from SHU Yolan which tries to escape into hyperspace

Mission 4

The pirate leader we captured informs us of whereabouts of pirate ships and their destinations after a long "interview" with Lord Vader. We hyper in to the point given to find a bunch of pirate vessels. Orders are to destroy the frigates protecting the pirate mother ship.

Suggested Player Craft: MIS
Suggested Goals:
ISD Avenger survives
100% of the frigates are destroyed
Suggested Craft:
ISD Avenger
FRG Talon, Beak, Soul
CRC Dobar
TIE Alpha, Gamma, Lambda
X-Ws, B-Ws, Z-95s, Starchasers
Suggested plot:
TIE Alpha protects Avenger
TIE Gamma attacks Frigates
TIE Lambda protects Avenger
X-Ws eliminate starfighters
B-Ws launch space bombs on Avenger
Z-95s launch rockets at the Avenger and eliminate starfighters
Starchasers eliminate starfighters

Mission 5

The frigates have been eliminated. Now the CRC is near defenseless and is trying to escape into hyperspace. Avenger is not ready to hyperspace after them. The CRC is sending out it's remaining forces to protect itself until it jumps into hyperspace.

Suggested Player Craft: MIS
Suggested Goals:
ISD Avenger survives
CRC Dobar must be destroyed
TIE Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon
Starchasers, X-Ws, T-Ws, A-Ws
Suggested Plot:
All pirate craft equipped with adv. missiles
Pirate craft all eliminate starfighters
TIE Alpha engages starfighters
TIE Gamma bombs CRC Dobar
TIE Epsilon attacks starfighters

In addition, General Dorja (newly appointed CMDR/DorJa/Beta-1/T-D) has submitted the following approved Medal of Restitution for his first Battle, Recapture Zaarin's Technology (Battle No. 4).

The Wing Commander has also reviewed and approved the following Medal of Security released for the Pirate Uprising (Battle No. 5), created by General Adams (TACT/Adams/Delta-1/T-D):


The Wing Commander, Admiral Ronin (WC/Ronin/Alpha-1/T-D) herein releases the ninth approved Battle for the Emperor's Hammer including all missions, to be entitled Tracking the Defectors. The main objective of the attached 5 mission Battle is to track down and confront various elements of the Rebel Alliance, including the Iron Hand, the Rouge Imperials (Zaarin's Defectors) and the Divine Wind. Members are also directed to the Officer's Deck Section of this Newsletter for brief historical information. As detailed therein, the ISD Avenger Fleet is pursuing the Defectors based on information obtained during the interrogation of General Jacobin, Eye of the Divine Wind. The Wing Commander hopes all Members will enjoy playing these missions...

Mission 1 (hmrb9m1.tie)

This mission presents a fierce battle with MANY Rebel Alliance and Iron Hand fighters. The mission is staged in an attack on an Alliance Bulk Storage facility. The SSD Executor and the ISD Avenger are in the area and launch their fighters to attack the Cargo Ferries and Containers. However, the Light Mon Calamari Cruiser MCL Hilalea and the MCS Waverider are also present to attempt to thwart the Imperial attack...Your Primary Goals include destruction of the Rebel Cargo vessels and survival of the Imperial Capital Ships. Elements of Reaper Squadron (Executor Wing) on board the SSD Executor stand by as reinforcements...Finally, be advised that, if the situation becomes desperate, the Rebels may make a suicide run on the ISD or SSD with one of the Mon Cal Cruisers! Good luck, you'll need it...

Mission 2 (hmrb9m2.tie)

The second mission presents the new INT Harpax II being ambushed by a Rebel Light Mon Calamari Cruiser (WarPrince), an Imperial Defector ISD (Mentor) and an Imperial Defector FRG (Avalon) as well as PLENTY of Rebel and defecting Imperial Fighters...The player will be flying as Iota-2, a TIE Advanced with Iota Escort Squadron, against this impressive Rebel assault on the INT Harpax II...You must hold off the attack long enough for the ISD Avenger to arrive and relieve us...

Mission 3 (hmrb9m3.tie)

This mission again has the INT Harpax II on the run from the Rouge Imperials. The Harpax II is fleeing from the MCL WarPrince and the VSD Plunderer (Rouge Imperial Defectors). The player is in Mu-1, a TIE Advanced unit stationed with the FRG Imperator, located out of the system. Upon your arrival, you must immediately proceed to take out the CRL WarPrince and VSD Plunderer. In addition, elements of the Divine Wind, arriving in several Assault Transports, must also be quickly destroyed before they attack the Harpax II...The ISD Avenger is also present and will aid with the launching of TIE Bomber Flights from Epsilon-3 and Lambda-3... The INT Harpax II must be protected at all costs...

Mission 4 (hmrb9m4.tie)

In the fourth mission, the player, flying a TIE Defender in Delta-1, must protect Lord Vader (flying in Delta-5) arriving in-system to personally inspect upgrades on the recently transferred FRG Imperator. Much to the Imperial's surprise, the Rouge Imperials have discovered that Lord Vader would only be escorted by one Flight of 4 TIE Defenders. Consequently, they immediately dispatched the Strike Cruiser Excelsior with her new complement of Missile Boats and advanced ordinance including Advanced Missiles to take advantage of this unique opportunity! The player must successfully keep the Missile Boats and Assault Gunboats of the Rouge Imperials (Zaarin's forces) at bay long enough for Lord Vader to board the FRG Imperator. The player must then destroy all Rebel fighters and the STRKC Excelsior to complete the Secondary and Bonus Goals.

Mission 5 (hmrb9m5.tie)

The final mission of this Battle places the player in a rescue mission. Divine Wind Troopers have captured the ISD Majestic and have quickly spirited Grand Admiral Thrawn off in an unidentified Escort Shuttle. You must inspect the shuttles to find Thrawn and help disable the Divine Wind Shuttle carrying him away. In addition, you must fend off Iron Hand TIE Advanced fighters stationed on the ISD Glory, Admiral Zaarin's flagship...


The Office of the Wing Commander herein posts all files attached to this Newsletter:

1) hmrja244.tie

2) hmrb9m1.tie

3) hmrb4m6.tie

1) The Tactical Officer, Vice Admiral Adams (TACT/Adams/Delta-1/T-D) has designed a Free Mission (hmrja244.tie) celebrating the upcoming wedding of General Renegade and General FoxyRoxy on March 6, 1995...In the mission, Members of Delta Squadron, in their TIE Defenders, must fight off several Squadrons of Z-95s, X-Wings and Y-Wings...However, please be advised that the couple aboard the Shuttle "Lovebird" are in very little danger since they have almost made it to the hyperspace point on their way to their honeymoon by the appearance of the first Rebel Z-95...The newlyweds' honeymoon will reportedly take them on a one week cruise on the M-Class Luxury Liner Kuari Princess and a second week at the Cloud City on the planet Bespin...

2) These are the 5 missions comprising the Wing Commander's first full Battle, Tracking the Defectors, as presented above...

3) The Wing Commander has approved General Dorja's (CMDR/Dorja/Beta-/T-D) sixth mission (hmrb4m6.tie) for his Recapture of Zaarin's Technology Battle (Battle No. 4)...It should be noted that the final mission of the Battle under design (Mission #5), should be released by Newsletter No. 12...



The Wing Commander has decided that, to be eligible for Battle Medal awards, interested pilots are asked to complete, at a minimum, ALL of the Primary Goals in each Mission (just like the game, completion of the Primary Goals is required to advance missions) at whichever difficulty they prefer. Obviously higher difficulties translate into higher scores for posting on the Battle Board. The mission performance files (i.e. film clips/*.clp files) must be submitted to your individual Squadron Commanders for review and recommendation regarding Medal awards and possible promotions following completion of ALL missions in any given Battle.

The following recipients of new Medals are herein posted by the Officer of the Wing Commander:

Vice Admiral Adams (TACT/Adams/Delta-1/T-D)>>5th Green Hammer
[For design of Free Mission Ja24-4]

General Ronin (WC/Ronin/Alpha-1/T-D)>>Red Hammer, Commendation of Service
[For creation of Plotline and the 5 missions of the Tracking the Defectors Battle]

General Marko (FLT MBR/Marko/Alpha-1/T-D)>>Commendation of Service
[For creation of the plotline for the Strike Against the Pirates Battle]

General Dorja (CMDR/Dorja/Beta-1/T-D)>>5th Green Hammer, 2nd Commendation of Service
[For creation of Mission #6 of Recapture Zaarin's Technology Battlez and Plotline for the Battle of
- posted in NL 10]