The Wing Commander herein presents the background for the Tracking the Defectors Battle (5 missions) in his continuing story regarding the hunt for the Divine Wind and the Imperial Navy Defectors (Admiral Zaarin's Rouge Imperials).

Following interrogation of General Jacobin, Eye of the Divine Wind and other Divine Wind prisoners captured during the Sienar Platforms raids at Fondor (see NL #10), General Johann Kane (ISD Liason Officer) advised the Command Staff of the Emperor's Hammer of the location of the main arm of the Rouge Imperial Fleet (Admiral Zaarin's Imperial Defectors). This information was obtained following days of "personal" interrogation of General Jacobin by Lord Vader and General Johann Kane. Based on this information, the Wing Commander has directed that the ISD Avenger Fleet relocate to a classified location to perform a major counterattack to the Sienar raids. This Battle of five missions, designed by the Wing Commander, have been attached to this Newsletter for Member review (see Squadron Ready Room - Attached Files Section of this Newsletter).

In the first mission, fighters on the ISD Avenger and the SSD Executor attacked a Rebel Bulk Storage Facility. The Rebel defenders of the weapons storage depot included the Light Mon Calamari Cruiser (CRL)Hilalea, the MC80 (MCS) Star Cruiser Waverider, elements of the Iron Hand, and the Rouge Imperials. Reaper Squadron of the Executor Wing, in their first battle since its proposed reformation, provided competent reinforcements for the more seasoned elements of the Emperor's Hammer. As the Rebel situation grew desperate, several Emperor's Hammer pilots stated they observed the CRL Hilalea initiate a collision course with the SSD Executor. Fortunately, the Rebel Cruiser was obliterated prior to collision.

In the second mission, the newly transferred Interceptor Cruiser (INT), the Harpax II, was ambushed by the Light Mon Calamari Cruiser WarPrince, the Rouge Imperial VSD Mentor and the Rouge Imperial FRG Avalon. The action was furious as the TIEs of Iota Squadron, the Escort Squadron stationed on the Harpax II, attempted to keep the Rebel Capital ships and their fighters at bay. The FRG Avalon was quickly destroyed by Iota-3. Some pilots reported seeing the MCL WarPrince exploding, but there has been no official confirmation. Finally, the VSD Mentor was taken down as she attempted an attack of her own against the Harpax II...The Mentor was destroyed along with every flight of TIE Bombers that she sent to escort the once mighty VSD!

In the third mission of the campaign, the INT Harpax II was once again fleeing a superior Rebel attack fleet. The Harpax II was being chased down by the MCL WarPrince and the VSD Plunderer (Rouge Imperial Defectors) when elements of Mu and Nu Squadrons, stationed on the FGR Imperator, arrived in system just in time to aid the Harpax II. The MCL WarPrince, damaged from the previous battle with Iota Squadron (1/2 shields and damaged), was quickly dispatched by Mu-1 with a couple of Advanced Torpedo salvos. Following reload with a waiting torpedo tug, Mu and Nu Squadrons went to work on the VSD Plunderer, commanded by Vice Admiral Helle, one of Admiral Zaarin's Command Staff. While Mu Squadron finished off the VSD Plunderer, Assault Transports carrying elite Divine Wind Zero-G Troopers arrived to attempt to take the Harpax II. The rookie pilots from the FRG Imperator and elements of Gamma, Beta, Epsilon and Lambda Squadrons from the ISD Avenger dispatched these as well...

In the fourth mission, Lord Vader was enroute to the recently transferred FRG Imperator to personally inspect the upgrade process. Lord Vader, flying in his own personally modifed TIE Defender (with Decoy Beam), was escorted by Delta-1 Flight, consisting of 4 TIE Defenders. Upon arrival in-system, Lord Vader and his escort found several squadrons of Missile Boats and Assault Gunboats waiting in ambush. In addition, some of these craft were armed with Advanced Missiles! Apparently, the Rouge Imperials (Admiral Zaarin's Defectors) had discovered Lord Vader's inspection schedule and sent the Strike Cruiser Excelsior to intercept him and hopefully destroy the FRG Imperator as well. Destruction of the Rebel Missile Boats, Assault Gunboats and the STRKC Excelsior by Delta-1 and the Imperator significantly reduced the stock of Rouge Imperial's Cygnus fighters. General Johann Kane (Avenger ISB Liason Officer) now suspects that there are one or more traitors in Cygnus Spaceworks still loyal to Admiral Zaarin and secretly supplying him fighters, equipment and more importantly, information...In addition, the Rebel forces encountered in this mission may actually have been part of a transfer of such technology to a hidden Rouge Imperial base hidden in the Outer Rim Sector...

In the final mission of this Battle, Grand Admiral Thrawn was rescued from a failed kidnap attempt by Admiral Zaarin's forces. Divine Wind Troopers had infiltrated the ISD Majestic's defenses during a reloading operation, captured the Majestic and had kidnapped Grand Admiral Thrawn in an unidentified Escort Shuttle. The shuttles had to be inspected by Alpha-1 to quickly find Thrawn and help disable the Divine Wind Shuttle carrying him away. In addition, Iron Hand TIE Advanced fighters stationed on the ISD Glory, Admiral Zaarin's flagship, had to be repelled in numbers. Unfortunately, Admiral Zaarin and his ISD Glory escaped unscathed from this Battle...But I have confidence we will encounter his forces again soon....

Respectfully submitted,

Admiral Ronin
Wing Commander


The Wing Commander wishes to advise all Members that an individual, claiming to be Emperor Palpatine (Screen Name "KRUSCHIAN"), appeared in the AOL Private Chat Room "Hammer" following the AOL Online Conference on 2/26/95. Although he arrived almost immediately when the official Chat Log was closed (it makes one wonder...), the Wing Commander had the presence of mind to manually save and download the following excerpt. It should be noted that KRUSCHIAN claims he will return following closing of the next conference this Sunday (3/5/95) to continue his tale (it should be over at approximately 10:00 to 10:30). It should also be noted that the Wing Commander has no means of verifying the veracity of this individual's claim to being the Emperor (but it does make for an interesting story... Palpatine Online???). However, until there is proof otherwise, he shall be accorded the respect befitting an Imperial Official (just in case...). In addition, other TIE enthusiasts have also reportedly encountered this individual.

In addition, following recent E-Mail and Instant Message correspondence with KRUSCHIAN, the Wing Commander has decided to conduct an official inquiry into this individual's true and/or claimed identity. General Dorja (CMDR/Dorja/Beta-1/T-D) has been placed in charge of the inquiry by the Wing Commander and will report the results of his findings in subsequent issues of the Newsletters.

W Call: very well meeting over at 10:14 PM
OnlineHost: Twht2hndl has left the room.
OnlineHost: Ja24 has left the room.
W Call: KRU...Do you play TIE Fighter?
W Call: you there????
KRUSCHIAN: I used to fly early sie admiral.
KRUSCHIAN: single ion engine
W Call: how about now...want to join the Hammer?
KRUSCHIAN: now i live in coruscant
W Call: in new TIE Defenders....
KRUSCHIAN: cant see much any more
W Call: send me an E-Mail with your pilot attached...anyway...
KRUSCHIAN: only the dark side keeps me alive
W Call: what are you retired from being a pilot?
W Call: as it keeps all of us....
KRUSCHIAN: a long long time ago would you like to hear my story?
W Call: sure...amke it short though I've been on over an hour...
KRUSCHIAN: i dont recall any of my childhood except joing a small force of young pilots
KRUSCHIAN: and leading it over such along period of time...
W Call: exactly how old are you?
KRUSCHIAN: that it became what you now the empire
W Call: not to interrupt you sir...
W Call: continue...please
KRUSCHIAN: a man named slane ruled then
KRUSCHIAN: a very determined man although the leader of a small rebel force
assassinated him
KRUSCHIAN: the empire had not become the leader of all
KRUSCHIAN: but in my foresight i saw many things for myself
W Call: continue....
KRUSCHIAN: i became a very experienced and rewarded pilot although i knew
there were still things in tu
KRUSCHIAN: rn for me
KRUSCHIAN: through all the kills and one battles one ace pilot for a rising
rebel force eluded me
KRUSCHIAN: im sure you know his name
KRUSCHIAN: oh , what was it?
KRUSCHIAN: ranakin?
W Call: skywalker? It's a bit hard to follow your story, not a lot of
W Call: anakin, you mean...
KRUSCHIAN: i dont believe i remember
KRUSCHIAN: yes anakin that is it
W Call: well, continue...
W Call: also, what was your callsign....?
KRUSCHIAN: a-gamma delta
KRUSCHIAN: may i continue?
W Call: yes, please do ....
KRUSCHIAN: one time i was escorting a freighter and two blockade runners to
coruscant,where the current
KRUSCHIAN: emperor (dethan) was fighting off the now strong force the nami
W Call: the pirates?
KRUSCHIAN: when suddenly that pilot came from behind on his own in his I wing
and destroyed myself and
KRUSCHIAN: the freighter . I got demoted for that
W Call: not good...
KRUSCHIAN: now for reasons that you know he is my greatest friend
W Call: who? the pilot?
KRUSCHIAN: and my greatest tradgedy
W Call: Anakin...I see...
W Call: any other names you go by, Sir....
KRUSCHIAN: Admiral have promoted you lately? your work on this wing is
W Call: promoted what??? Thanks for the compliment...there few in between...
KRUSCHIAN: are you a member of my hand
W Call: I was just promoted from General to Admiral
W Call: yes, Inner Circle
KRUSCHIAN: good admiral ronin
W Call: your hand...?
W Call: Palpatine online???now I've seen it all....
KRUSCHIAN: yes 6 persons are in this small but dedicated circle
KRUSCHIAN: what i do not convince you?
KRUSCHIAN: of course i dont expect it.
W Call: I am aware the Secret Order...Understand, I see you not...only the
typed word...
KRUSCHIAN: i understand
W Call: thank sir (in case you are Palpatine!)
W Call: so, have you followed my wing...
KRUSCHIAN: if you care not to hear my story i shall now leave
W Call: no, continue...
KRUSCHIAN: yes i have
KRUSCHIAN: and so has dark lord vader
W Call: I hope so, he is one of my superior officers!
W Call: continue the story, it's interesting...please...
KRUSCHIAN: where was I ... a yes after that it took a long time to get to my
current rank
OnlineHost: VADER 95 has entered the room.
VADER 95: hello
W Call: Vader, you may want to listen to this....
KRUSCHIAN: including ...certain untimely deaths
W Call: hi....
VADER 95: listen to what?
KRUSCHIAN: you are not the true lord vader
W Call: KRU story...he claims to be Palpatine
W Call: KRU...just a callsign...relax, Lord...
KRUSCHIAN: you will pay dearly for your incoherence
VADER 95: Palpatine? I think not
W Call: continue, KRU...Vader, I've got a chat log for you
W Call: maybe not but it's a good story anyway
KRUSCHIAN: then listen to my story
VADER 95: ok
W Call: continue...
W Call: today...
KRUSCHIAN: i did not say that the dark force had any part of my current rank
KRUSCHIAN: as you know i shall have what i want and thats where i am now
VADER 95: I have been under training with the force. I belonged to a group
that on AOL that strictly
VADER 95: trained us.
KRUSCHIAN: Gentle man , if you wish to hear the rest of my story i will be on
after the wing meeting on
KRUSCHIAN: sunday night
KRUSCHIAN: yes i will reward you non-vader
W Call: we're here every SUnday at 9-10 EST
KRUSCHIAN: good evening
W Call: I will post your words of wisdom in my Newsletters...
OnlineHost: KRUSCHIAN has left the room.


All Members of the Emperor's Hammer are herein advised that the Wing Commander has sent a written proposal sent to LucasArts Entertainment Company proposing that LucasArts and America Online join forces to create an online TIE Fighter Game. I suggested structuring this similar to the online game Battletech on Compuserve. Any messages of support should be addressed to the AOL PC Games Forum Leader, PC Roger. In addition, on 2/27/95, Lucasarts responded asking for a brief description of my proposal prior to its review...(Lest we hope. ..!) Member can obtain copies of the proposal (lucasprp.wri) by contacting the Office of the Wing Commander @ W Call.

Also, the Wing Commander would like to personally congratulate General Renegade (FLT MBR/Renegade/Delta-3/T-D) and General FoxyRoxy (FLT MBR/FoxyRoxy/Delta-2/T-D) on their upcoming wedding on March 6, 1995...All Members are encouraged to review the Tactical Officer's (TACT/Adams/Delta-1/T-D) offbeat mission (hmrja244.tie) in which the Hammer's Pilots must protect the newlywed's shuttle on its way to the hyperspace point...


Delta Flight Log Proposal

By Vice Admiral Adams
Delta Squadron Commander

Under the guidelines granted to me by Admiral Ronin, I herein propose that a Delta Squadron Flight Log be implemented for battle mission completion/performance documentation and pilot record review. All members of the Emperor's Hammer will have access to this log, and highly encourage other Squadrons to follow this plan.

This flight log will keep a record of all pilots respective battle .tfr files, biographies and/or other information thus submitted. All pilots will submit a different .tfr file for every battle completed, I encourage all pilots to submit their .tfr files using numbers following their name in the order outlined in the newsletters (e.g., Capture of Zaarin-Adams1.tfr, Strike at Calamari-Adams2.tfr..etc..etc...). I view this sort of S quadron management to be an efficient way of saving time and memory. The flight log will contain five battle .tfr's per pilot before another log is created, thus saving upload/download time.

I have displayed the "Delta Flight Log" structure that i'm using for clarity.


\ Nick.fl

sc=Squadron Commander
fl=Flight Leader
fm=Flight Member

Any comments or questions should be sent to me.

In his Majesties service,
Vice Admiral Adams

Wing Commander's Note:

As stated in previous Newsletters, management of individual Squadrons is at the discretion of the Squadron Commanders. Although all Squadron Commanders are provided recommendations in the Newsletters for position advancements and Medal Awards, the Wing Commander will generally rely on the Squadron Commander's recommendations regarding these matters. Consequently, as Lord Vader desired when the Emperor's Hammer was commissioned, each Squadron retains a certain amount of individuality and flexibility to meet unanticipated Rebel opposition. Consequently, the Wing Commander herein approves the use of the proposed flight log system presented above for all Squadron Commanders desiring to utilize it...