SUBJ: General Renegade--Imp. Navy
CURRENT DUTY: Emperor's Hammer, Delta Squadron, Flight-3, ISD Avenger
Security Clearence: Very Top Secret
To: TACT\Adams\Delta-1\T-D\Emperor's Hammer\ISD Avenger

General Renegade was born on the planet Earth, 42 years ago to parents of modest means, on a small farm, and had an uneventful childhood. He did well in school and favorite subjects were History and English, but did poorly on Astral mechanics and needed constant tutoring. He was given a waiver on his higher Calculus test but did well in Quantum Mechanics and Computer systems.

After his High School he enlisted in the Navy of the United States where he had a distinguished career. Medals earned were the Vietnam Campaign and Service, two Meritorious Unit Citations, one Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Commendation medal and a Purple Heart. He retired from the US Navy on medical disability. He suffered severe injuries in a Helicopter crash which included losing both legs, left eye and numerious internal injuries. His duties in the U.S. Navy included Aircraft Mechanic and flying as a crew member on Sea-Air Rescue missions and has saved 7 Pilots earning him the Navy Achievement medal.

After months and months of Rehabilation, he was released from active duty. Since his Rehab was successful he went to the Imperial college at San Bernardino, Calif where he graduated with honors, then applied for the Imperial flight Academy.

He did well at the Academy and is an average pilot and prefers to error on the side of conservatism. He is recommended for promotion, and should be considered for Flight leader, with further training. He has an extreme devotion to the Emperor, The Empire, The Imperial Navy, His Wing Commander and Squadron Commanding Officer, his flight, and his family. He will and does follow all orders. He feels that personal honor comes from doing his duty to the best of his ability, and feels that Every man in the IN is a hero if he does is duty to the Emperor.

General Renegade is a family man with 2 daughters who live with grandparents and is engaged to be married to IN General FoxyRoxy who is also a member of The Emperor's Hand, and also in Delta Squadron. More details on her to follow.

Gen. Renegade has a good flight record, you should have is Tfr.file by now. He is recommended for all missions of the Emperor's hammer and can be trusted. he is in the 6th circle of the Emperor's secret order.

Other information is avabable upon request.

ADMIRAL Je'tar\ Imperial Navy\ISB

All enemies of the Empire, best take warning
The Emperor's Hammer is forming.

We are the best at what we do,
Our ship, Tie fighters and crew.

We are a fearsome sight
When we go out to fight.

If you feel ready to die,
We'll take you out with our Tie.

So, you best keep away
Because we will rule the day.

If you cross our path,
It will be a bloodbath.

So, all take warning.
The Emperor's Hammer is forming.

FLT MBR/Renegade/Delta-3/T-D

FLT MBR/Marko/Alpha-1/T-D

Subj: WC's missions 1,2, and 3--scores
Date: 95-02-28 16:30:05 EST
From: Sjain
To: W Call

These three missions were great Admiral!!

Ronin 1

All Primaries

2 of 3 sec.
All bonus
Ships Killed 14(6)
T/A 3(2)
T/D 9(4)
Ctrns 1(0)
Liner 1(0)

Ronin 2

All prim.

1 of 2 sec.
All bonus
Ships Killed 20(10)
X-W 4(1)
T/A 3(2)
T/D 3(2)
MIS 5(3)
GUN 5(2)

Ronin 3

All Prim.

All Sec.
All bon.
Ships killed 22(12)
Y-W 9(4)
E/S 2(0)
ATR 6(4)
CARG 4(3)
ESC 1(1)

Well. That's it. Mission clips are available to confirm my performance.
FLT MBR/Marko/Alpha-1/T-D

Wing Commander's Note:

General Marko's score on Ronin-3 will replace the Wing Commander's High Score on the Battle Board...Excellent flying, General...

FLT MBR/Sten/Gamma-1/MIS

To: Wing Commander Ronin,

Here are my scores for the missions I have completed. All are flown on Hard (not the other way around!) with collision on.
Mission Record
FLT MBR/Sten/Gamma1/MIS

Battle I - Capture of Zaarin
Mission 1 - 19,677 pts / All Goals Complete
1 kill -1 CRS
Mission 2 - 99,265 pts / All Goals Complete
43 kills - 10 CRV, 8 M/CRV, 1INT, assorted fighters.

Battle II - Strike at Calamari
Mission 1 - 39,237 pts / All Primary, Secondary, 2 of 3 Bonus goals complete
10 kills - 4 A/W, 5 E/S, 1SCT, 64 obj.
Mission 2 - 64,992 pts / All Goals Complete
25 kills - 1 PLT/5, 1 LCRS, 2 FRG, 2 M/CRV, 2 ATR, assorted fighters

Battle IV - Recapture Zaarin's Technology
Mission 1 - 97,826 pts / All Primary, Secondary, 3 of 4 Bonus goals complete
11 kills - Assorted fighters, 3 CNT, (I ended up disabling a lot of things which my wingmen then destroyed)

Mission 2 - 58,318 All Primary, 5 of 8 Secondary, 1 of 2 Bonus
13 Kills ( This one was so tough, I forgot to write down my kills! How do you make the !@#$%^
T/D blue appear? I can never complete that part of the goals and have played 20 times!)

Mission 3 - 50,879 All Primary, Secondary, 2 of 3 Bonus
23 kills including: 11 XW, 3AW, 3BW, 2TD, 1TW, 2ETR, 1CRS, 16objects

Mission 4 - 59,720 All Primary & Bonus complete, No Secondary ( Never could stop the
Xactdamned Transport! How do you disable a ship with a MIS? ) Anyway, Kills include 5 ETR,
2CRV, 4DREAD, Assorted Fighters.

Free Mission DorJa -1 - 16,606 All goals complete, Kills - 3 MUTR

Free Mission Ja24-1 56,871 All Primary, 12 of 14 Bonus complete 36 Kills (Due to a Computer
Malfunction, I do not have talley of kills. Read, I forgot to write them down.)

Free Mission Ja24-2 35,556 All goals complete, 21 kills (Insert last excuse here)

Free Mission Ja24-3 "Flytrap" - 47,254 All goals complete, 23 Kills 9XW, 3YW, 3AW, 5BW,

Respectfully yours in the Emperor's Service,

Wing Commander's Note:

The Wing Commander would like to congratulate General Sten for his outstanding performance on the above missions...As presented on the Battle Board, this pilot has managed to sweep most of the mission high scores...Excellent, General...