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The following people I would like to acknowledge for their continueing help on making this site better and also for those who contributed with artwork and design.

  • Sector Admiral Kawolski
    • With the retirement of SA Compton from the XO position. Kawolski was promoted to SA and given the XO position. With Kawolski's promotion also came the responsibilty of mainting a steady flow of quality newsletters. He has added a new format to the Emperor's Hammer Newsletters and I applaud and thank him for all his devotion and hard work!

  • Sector Admiral Compton
    • Without Compton the Newsletters, from NL 48 to NL 70, may not have been released in their new format or at all. The old format was stuff everything into a .doc file and have to download it + supporting files. This was proven to take large amount of space and long amount of time to download. Compton instituted the HTML format, where the NLs would be released strictly in HTML format with some supporting files. This saves much more space. I would also like to thank Compton for putting his time into doing that job and also for creating the monthly NLs and also for allowing me to store them on this site for access by all. Thank you Compton for your hard work throughout your time as SA on the NLs!

  • High Admiral Khyron
    • When this site was created it was not very fancy. In fact if any images were present they were done by an amatuer, myself. I would like to thank Khyron for the creation of the very professional looking banner that is seen at the top of this page and throughout the website.

  • Fleet Admiral Astatine
    • Without Astatine this site would not have its present layout. I had asked Astatine, since he is known for his good html skill, to look at the condition of the archive and tell me his opinion and what I can do to make it look better in general. So, he looked and he told me the truth. The site could look better. The current layout is a similar layout from one of Astatine's website. I appreciate him allowing me to look at his site and modify what I saw there to make the html for this Archive. It has been most helpful and will never be forgotten.

  • Admiral Darkov
    • Another good graphic was made by Darkov and I appreciate the effort he spent on making it. This image is linked from the Newsletter section off of the domain. It may not be on this website right now but it is part of it. Also, I appreciate his effort in keeping this site alive by supplying the webspace which had been used for at least 2 years. Thank You

  • The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
    • This is too everyone who is in the Emperor's Hammer that may visit this site and stumble across onto this section. The sole purpose why I took my time to create an archive such as this was for the benefit of all members. I would most likely to thank you all for allowing me to be able to create such a webpage. Without you this site would not exist and these newsletters would not exist either. Each and every person that is or was in the Emperor's Hammer contributed to this site. I give all members of the fleet a SALUTE... This is for you!

      • I would like to thank for supplying their free web counter service.

    This page was created and is maintained by Fleet Admiral Yodavin.